The Scientist

October 11, 2012
By abigailpanz BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
abigailpanz BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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The Scientist

I was about to doze off when I heard an explosion that sounded like a bomb had just gone off. I looked up and saw that the right engine of our plane was on fire, leaving a trail of dark smoke. Everyone on the plane started screaming and praying that they would make it alive. I coughed and put my face in my shirt because there was smoke all inside the plane. I looked out my window and all I saw was the ocean. I’m going to die I thought. I looked over and saw my best friend, Matt coughing and covering his eyes. I went to him and sat with him, waiting for the moment to happen when we would all die. Then everything went black.

I woke up when something cold, metal, and heavy poked at me. I looked up and saw a man that looked like a bear. He had leather boots, tan shorts, a black shirt, and a gun that was pointing straight at me. He had a mustache that curled up and went to his ears, his eyes cat like, and his hair that was as black as the night. He said, “Who are you? And where did you come from?” “I am Elizabeth Wiley from Chicago, Illinois. Are you going to hurt me?” I said with the voice as quiet as a mouse. He laughed which sent chills up my spine. “I would never hurt anybody,” he said with a trace of sarcasm that made me even more frightened. He then walked towards me, which made me want to run. When he was about a step away, I jumped up and tried to run, but he was too quick and he got me. I was about to scream, but he put some type of cloth in my mouth. The last thing I thought was that I would have rather died from the plane crash than be on this island.

Something rat like crawled over me and I bolted up. I was in a room full of people, mainly people my age, between twelve and twenty years of age. I looked around the room trying to find a familiar face, when I saw Matt. I crawled over to him and cried in his lap. “What is going on? And who survived the plane crash?” I asked between tears. He answered, “I don’t know much except that we are in a prison at the bottom of a mansion. I don’t know who lives here and what he plans on doing to us. And the survivors,” he paused which made me even more hopeless. “I think that we are the only survivors.” His eyes and nose twitched and I stared at him. He had a stern face, making him look more mature. His piercing blue eyes were staring at me and I saw a hint of sadness that looked like it was for me.

Suddenly, the door opened and a man that looked like he was from a nightmare came in. he had snow white hair that pointed in all directions. His science goggles covered red, beady eyes and his mouth looked like there was blood all around it. He probably only came up to my shoulders and he was as skinny as a stick. He wore a white lab coat with some stains of blood on them. “I am Doctor Warhausen. You have been sadly abandoned and I, the gracious man I am, have let you stay in my house and eat my food. But, you must pay a price to stay in this gorgeous mansion. You are going to be part of a big experiment.” He paused for what seemed like days. “I will be taking many of you to be tested and analyzed. Then you may be set free, if you live.” His face had the grin of a devil which made my goose bumps ten times bigger. He then started pointing at us randomly to be experimented on. Luckily he didn’t choose me or Matt which I am thankful for.

I waited for what seemed like a day, when the door opened again. It was Dr. Warhausen and he started the process all over again. He pointed at the girl beside me and a couple kids around the room. He then looked at me, grinned, then pointed. What happened after that seemed like it would have come from a dream, a very bad dream.

They took me and blindfolded me up again and I was carried through a long corridor. They then took off my blindfold and I saw what we were in. I was in a lab. I looked around and saw what looked like creatures from a fairytale. I saw humans that were turned into half wolf and half man. I saw another creature that was half man, half fish. They were all in small cages with the saddest face that you could ever see. I could smell all of the chemicals, metal, and worst of all, the death in the room. I could see blood stains on the ground and in the cages. I saw what looked like an arm that was ripped away from its body, lying beside a bear.

Dr. Warhausen untied the girl beside me and then he put her on this lab table. He strapped her down, and then he started rummaging through his tools. The girl’s face was in panic, and I wondered if that was how I was going to be like. He then took out this shot that would have pierced through someone’s skin in a blink of an eye. He then placed it on her arm and injected the poison. I then started to see this transformation into becoming a human into becoming a monster. Her skin started growing green scales and a tale started to emerge from her body. Her nose was starting to elongate and sharp teeth started to show. It looked like it was ripping her skin off and replacing it with something ugly and horrifying. I looked over at Dr. Warhausen and his face was in amusement by the creature he was creating. The last of the girl I saw was her deep, blue eyes turn into a dark yellow. I finally saw what she was turned into, a crocodile.

You could still tell that she was human, but more so a crocodile. All of us were staring at her in horror and wondered what we were going to be turned into. The doctor unstrapped the half human half crocodile and put her in a cage. It already looked like she was dead.

The doctor then turned and smiled at me and said, “Your next.” I was untied, then strapped onto the metal, lab table. I felt the coldness of the table and wondered if this was the end of my life. He went around his tables, as if he was looking for something. He then came across this container with blue, murky liquid that made me even more nervous. He poured the liquid in the shot, and then grinned at me. He whispered, “This experiment I have never done before. You will be the first species of the half human, half bird.” And then I felt this sharp pain in my arm. I could then start to feel my body change and the fluids running through me. I suddenly felt this excruciating pain in my back. I could feel my skin ripping and then being replaced by something long and feathery. I was screaming in pain and I no longer felt like living. Through tears, I saw the doctor laughing at me and that’s when I decided that if I lived, that I was going to kill him and get revenge on everything that has happened, from the plane crash to the experiment. Then the pain in my back stopped.

The doctor unstrapped me and I sat up. I then felt this light, feathery, object that elongated from my back. Everyone was staring at me in amazement, including Dr. Warhausen. I stretched out my wings, all of the beautiful feathers showing. It was a brilliant shade of black, orange, white, and brown. I was even amazed at my wings. They were about twenty feet long, stretching from one end of the room to another. I then started hearing this clapping that came from Dr. Warhausen. “Magnificent! Beautiful!” I glared at him with every ounce of bitterness that I had. I was about to jump on him and kill him, but I noticed a bodyguard with the gun that could kill me in the blink of an eye. I was then taken by the doctor, followed by the body guard, into a room that had a bed, chair, window, sink, and food. I was then locked in there for a day.

I woke up, surprised of my wings, but then thought of what happened yesterday and I shivered. The door suddenly swung open, and in came Doctor Warhausen and someone I hadn’t seen for a while, Matt, with wings. They locked us back in, and I tried not to think about why he put us both in here. He said, “We have to escape tonight. He is planning on experimenting on us to see how long we can survive.” I looked at him and thought what we could do. I looked around the room and saw the window, about two by three feet wide. He must have had the same thought because we both walked over to the window. I looked down and we were about six stories up. I looked at our wings and thought, maybe we could put them to use tonight.
We waited until about midnight, when it was pitch black. Matt opened the window and stepped out onto the ledge and said, “Just follow me. We are going to make it off of this island, tonight.” And then he was off. I stepped out onto the ledge, spread my wings, and then took off. At first, flying was a little difficult, but then I got the hang of it. It felt so good to be free and be above everything. We were half way to the edge of the island when we heard sirens. I panicked and started flapping my wings faster. I could hear gun shots and men screaming. I saw lights scattered out into the forest. I looked at Matt and he looked worried.
I finally saw the ocean, and, my worst nightmare, Dr. Warhausen with 30 armed men. He quickly spotted us and we were shot at with nets. I managed to miss one, but Matt didn’t. He fell down about 50 feet and I flew after him. I didn’t quite know how to land, so I just fell down. The armed men were running at us as I quickly tried to get the rope off of him. He told me that I should go, but I ignored him. By the time the armed men were almost to me, I had gotten Matt out of the net. We tried to fly, but we knew that we would just get shot at again. So we decided to stay and fight them off. Everything happened so fast. The experiment must have made me stronger and quicker because I was fighting like a soldier. Matt seemed to realize the same thing about our abilities. I thought, maybe the experiment was to my benefit. That’s when I saw Dr. Warhausen. I gave everything I got into killing him. Suddenly, he started to transform into nothing else that I had ever seen before. He had wings as black as the night and his red beady eyes were staring at me. All of his teeth were as sharp as knives and his tongue was like a snake, elongating from his bloody mouth. His nails looked like black daggers and his feet were wolf like. I grabbed a gun off the ground and started to shoot at him. I hit him once in the leg, which made him slow down. I was about to shoot him again, but someone was pulling on me. It was Matt. He had a look that told me now was a good time to leave. I put the gun down and started to flap my wings. The doctor was within arm’s reach, but I had already taken off.
As I left the island, I saw Dr. Warhausen staring at me with his same, evil grin. I wanted to kill him so that he could feel the pain and the suffering that we went through. I looked away and thought, maybe next time Dr. Warhausen, maybe next time.

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