The Most Dangerous Game Round 2

October 11, 2012
By Anonymous

The Most Dangerous Game
“Are you ready, General Zaroff.” “What are you trying to say, you possibly think I did not let you win,” Muttered General Zaroff. “You fools are just too easy.” Then Rainsford with the most amounts of sarcasm and serious tone anyone has ever heard said “If I was not a murderer like you, I would have been like a hawk waiting to swoop in and kill his prey,” Consequently, the general pounces at Rainsford ready for an attack. But as wise Rainsford is he dodged out of the way accidently scraping the top of his forehead. “Ouch,” screamed Rainsford. He was in a daze for a couple of minutes.

When he finally got his balance and was able to get himself up he started to look around. “Why are you hiding general,” “scared?” screamed Rainsford loud enough that anyone one the island still alive could hear him. “HELP, HELP” was heard from this boisterous sound from the open window.

Rainsford ran up to the open window and looked down. There was the General dangling from the seals of the brick connecting to the window. The dogs were barking and snapping at his ankles, trying to pull him down. Smells like blood and dog spit mixed together just nauseated Rainsford. “Well don’t just stand there help me up.” Said General Zaroff. “Why should I help you up so that you can live but then yet again capture people and boats to torture, hunt, and then brutally kill them?” “I don’t think so,” said rainsford. Right when Rainsford finished with what he had to say one of the hounds bit a huge hole in the Generals leg and ripped his pants all the way up to his leg. “OWW,” screeched General Zaroff. “Ok look, if you help me up I will make you a deal.” “Like what,” said Rainsford well interested. “If you and I can have a rematch and you win I promise to never hunt another human again, and I will leave this island. But if I win then I get to stay here and you will join the rest of my new collection of heads.” It was a lot to think about in such short notice, either Rainsfords goes back out there and is hunted again and may die. Or he goes out there wins, and save many people’s lives and loved ones. This reminded Rainsford of the conversation he and Whitney had before he fell of the boat. How animals have no feeling and do not know what is coming for them next. Now Rainsford knows what it is like to be hunted and his opinion is very different than it was earlier. Suddenly Rainsford holds out a hand to help General Zaroff up. “Deal, but if you break that promise I will find you and I will kill you.” Rainsfords said very serious and monotone. “Ok, just relax and let’s talk like normal human beings.” The General replied. “If you were normal you would not be killing or trapping people, but anyway let’s just get some rest tonight and deal with this in the morning.

It was approximately nine thirty in the morning the overcast was like the tears from the heavens have finally release. Rainsford walked down the stairs not quite awake to find General Zaroff sitting at the dining room table waiting for the new servant to serve him breakfast. “Good morning, nice to see you again, long time no hunt.” Zaroff greeted Rainsford with a laugh. Rainsford just rolled his eyes. After about ten long dreadful minutes of awkward silence the food was finally served. The meal seemed bigger than the dinner the other night. When the two of them were done and just finishing up there last drops of coffee, General started off by saying, “This shall be no new news to you about the type of game I play, so let’s just go over the rules about the rematch.” “I think what I said last night was fair and to the point and if you have anything you would like to add that we can both agree on, I may considerate as part of the deal.” “I have nothing to reply back for you but that you are one sick, cruel man,” said Rainsford in discuss. “That is not my problem is it, for you shall know this but I only play this game.” The General replied with sarcasm. “All right then if there is nothing more you would like to say, get ready in about ten minutes, and let the games began.”

So as soon as Rainsford was dressed he went down stairs to be handed a bag with food, then was pushed out the door. Rainsford was becoming a little bit nervous but had to tell himself once more to not let his nerves get the best of him. It was not long after that he started to hear footsteps not far behind him. Rainsford sprinted down the long over grown bushes and trees. He was being careful of not running to the area with all of the quick sand. Then all of a sudden this loud thud hit the floor. Rainsford had fallen in the trap he set up earlier. Holding back in ever tear drop the he could he lift himself up. He could hear that General Zaroff was saying to himself, “he is near; it is not long until I have a new head and can continue with what I love doing. Not that I am going to lose anyway.” When Rainsford heard this all he had time to do was thrown leaves over the hole and hid in it until the coast was clear. Rainsford could hear the general and the hounds sniffing and walking ever so quietly on the ground. One of the hounds started to bark because he caught the scent but Zaroff thought one of the dogs found the old scent so they went off walking.

It was about one hour later when Rainsford stuck his head out of the ground to see if he was able to leave. He got up and the dry cracked blood and skin was stuck to the leaves and twigs. He was is so much pain he could not take this journey on foot so he climbed up a tree once more and sat there for the longest time waiting for any sign of the General. The sun was starting to set and the moon was rising like a royal star shining overhead, always present if not always there.

It was reaching the time of around eight, when this strange noise started to come from the bushes, it started with a loud scream and then it just stopped. Rainsford jumped down and he began trying to find his knife but he must have dropped. Rainsford carefully started to run towards the noise. Then all of a sudden he saw the general lying in the hole, blood gushing from his right upper chest. He was stabbed with the knife the Rainsford had lost. Rainsford was so full of thrills with victory; he had just saved himself and many loved ones lives. Now he would go back to General Zaroff’s palace, and make a phone call to have someone come and rescue him.

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