Murder On Firecat Alley

October 7, 2012
By Anonymous

I have no idea who Jade Pennington is or what she has done, but I am on my way to kill her now.
I turn the street corner onto Firecat alley. I can see the faintly flashing television lights of multiple apartments, except the one that I’m going to. The third floor apartment is pitch black. I scale the side of the building and find that the window is closed, but not locked; Jade was probably in a hurry and forgot to lock it. Good for me, bad for her.
Putting on my night-vision glasses, I began to creep around to find her. As soon as I open the hallway closet, a baseball bat is flung at me; expected, I catch it. She is huddled in the far corner.
“Jade?” She looks at me with her terrified gaze, once it eventually shifts to the top of my head, she gasps. I reach up and feel my tiara. “Oh, this? It’s nothing, I just forgot to take it off. Anyway, back on topic. I’m sorry to say this to you Jade, but I was sent here to fulfill the request for your murder.”
I give her one last smile and with that, I pull the trigger.

The author's comments:
This is the beginning of a book that I have been writing.

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