Broken Battlefield

October 6, 2012
By NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
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As the battle raged on the scorpion raced to its opposing corner waiting for the weakening warrior to rise again. The warrior looked around dazed and weak seeing the red river which was his own blood with that most gruesome sight of blood and bone that lays around him on this battlefield, as he tries to avoid the sight he sees his only weakness the one thing to affect his killing power of ten men, laying their in broken pieces was his own men laying their in pieces arms severed and legs brutally slaughtered, seeing this makes him appalled and yet gives him power that he never felt before his blood turning ice cold and racing through his veins, he raises his eyes only for a second to see the power if this mighty beast as the tail swings and tosses him across the arena like a mere rag doll, as he awoke from this glancing blow he sees the first sight of this so called beast the eyes were like arrows piercing through his soul sending shivers through his spine. The scorpion has it's eyes set on killing the puny warrior but he decides to play with his food make him work up a sweat then kill the man, he swings his tail ounce more to make the first strike on the man but the man moves with such mobility he dodges the blow and leaves a trail of dirt to run around the beast with the battle still ragging on around him he wants to end this ounce and for all for his fallen men at his feet, inside his head you can hear his spirits of the dead cheering him on the like snow in the breeze landing down around him making him more mobile. he raises his spear from a fallen comrade and takes his aim while the beast is distracted he prays to his god for strength and aim, he throws the spear the world comes to a halt for a mere few seconds as the weapon of mass destruction fly's through the air and takes aim at the beast. The scorpion turns for a fraction of a second to see his coming death in the spear as everything turns to black. The beast drops his weight against the world, the warrior raises his hands in the air for victory has come for the man but his victory is short lived as he hears the battle cry of his next beast. He turns to see his next opponent and hes eyes turn to the sky and he runs towards the castle and his next beast for the throne.

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