Magical Ballerina

October 6, 2012
By kate1918 SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
kate1918 SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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There once was a girl named Claire. She loved to dance. She was the best ballerina in the kingdom of Epiona. She loved her flying horse Isabella, her sister Maria, and her magic wand. She had powers to do good. She was very excited for that night she would perform for the royal family and attend the 300th autumn ball. She danced and captured the eyes of all the people at the end of her dance there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The royal butler told her that the king wished to meet her. “Hello Claire I am King Author II and this is my wife and our son Jake.”
“Hello it is an honor to meet you.” replied Claire who was very excited.
“You danced beautifully. I wish I could dance like you, but sadly I was born with to left feet.” sighed the queen
And the prince asked “Would you like to dance?” he put his hand out for hers. She grabbed it and they went on the dance floor. Then the king lit the ceremonial bomb fire. Shortly after a dark shadow rose from the flames and turned into an old scary looking woman.
“I have been sent from the Gordon witches to cease the prince.”
“I will never allow this” the king yelled and drawn out his sword. The witch took out her wand and with the flick of it the king was sent flying across the room. She grabbed the prince and they disappeared. When Claire was trying to sleep that night she realized she had to help him. None of the kings nights or the kings men could help him against a witch. So she ran over the fortune teller and asked how could she save him.
“Well,” the fortune teller said “ you have to fight your way through the dark forest. It will be very dangerous.”
“I’m ready!” as Claire turned to leave the fortune teller said
Claire went home to pack and her sister said she wanted to come to. So they flew away into the clouds. Then they saw the dark forest and landed. They grabbed a lantern and headed in. They fought evil animals. When they finally got out they saw the dark castle but they first had to cross an icy lake. Half way across Isabella broke through the ice because she was to heavy. They tried pulling her up but she began to sink. When they didn’t see her for awhile Claire began to cry. But then suddenly she broke through and flew to the other side of the lake. When Claire and Maria caught up they walking into the castle. They ran to the tower letting the prince out. But there was the evil witch. With their wands the sisters knocked the evil out of the witch and ran out. When they got home they all lived haply ever after.

The author's comments:
I originally made this for my little sister so that's why it's a little babyish.

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