World War lll

September 28, 2012
It was the middle of April in 2023, when the announcement was made. Everyone was told to go home, but no one told us why. As I walked out of school I spotted my moms' car. This made me curious about what was going on because, usually I walked home. I got in the car and asked what was happening. She replied "A war has started and it's coming here." OK, now I was a little scared. What kind of war? Was it a small war or was it like World War lll?

After we were fully stopped and parked in the driveway, I ran into the house. If anything big was happening in would be on the news. I turned on the T.V. just in time to see an explosion of, a caption came on saying , the Great Wall of China. China? Someone blew up the Wall of China?!! Who does that? "Mom, whose doing this?" I asked. "The Russians" she replied.

I ran up to my room to think, and watch the news on my T.V. They had blown up the Wall in less than 10 minutes and it's hundreds of miles long. Image how fast they could get rid of a whole continent. How come no one was fighting back? The had destroyed Asia, and now were heading for Europe. They were taking on each continent one by one. Killing each one off in a different way.

Thirty minutes later in London , England. The palace guards stood in their place as guns started going off around them. Windows shattered to the ground. Each guard was shot down and the Russians burst through the palace doors. Guards inside scattered to go protect the queen and the young princess of 15. Downstairs very expensive vases, jewels and chandeliers broke. You could hear them coming up the stairs. The princess quickly ducked under a table covered in a cloth. She watched as they came in and did what they wanted to do. Then they left. The princess, Michelle, could not help but wonder how come they just suddenly left. "What is happening?" she asked herself. Outside she could people screaming and shouting. She heard someone shout "Fire them!!" A man replied "Yes, sir." Suddenly a set of cannons went off and all went quiet.

After dinner, I went back up to my room. So far Asia and Europe had been completely destroyed. Mean while Africa's fields, buildings and houses were left burning. It had been less than 3 hours and they had already killed off three continents, and were headed for South America."I wonder what they plan on doing there?" I thought to myself.

About an hour later, a caption popped up that said South America. All I saw was water, so why did it say South America? A few seconds later it clicked in my mind. My mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe it. "They're sinking it." I whispered to myself. People and everything else was just falling into the ocean, with the fish and sharks. I now wondered what they would do to the USA. Everything possible popped into my mind. Bombs, shootings, fires, and sinking.

The next morning, they were still working on sinking South America. The people down there were fighting back. I decided to go for a walk down to my favorite place. I liked to sit down by the lake to think. It was quiet down there. I sat down on a rock by the pier. Memories flooded back into my mind.

Suddenly, I heard an airplane fly over head, and something landed behind me. I turned around, to see a silver round object. A bomb to be more exact. It had 5 seconds on the timer. I got up and sprinted to the pier as fast as I could. At the last second I jumped, submerging myself in water.

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