The Big Game

September 20, 2012
By AngelGonzalez BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
AngelGonzalez BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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It was another of those hot, high 90’s, and humid summer days. Elvis and Adrian were getting ready for their first game of summer league baseball. It was their first time playing for a team other than with their school. They had even heard the famous triplets, Ian, Josh, and Michael, were playing in the same team. All five use to go to the same middle school together.

Elvis and Adrian were very excited, until they overheard their mom talking to their coach on the phone. The house was then as quite as a broken clock, when their mom had told them the coach’s news. The boys quickly turned on the television and studied the weather channel carefully. Their coach was right. There was a big thunderstorm coming straight towards them. There was nothing Elvis and Adrian could do, but to be patient and pray it wouldn’t rain.

Normally they wouldn’t get upset when a game was cancelled due to rain, but this one was special. To them this game was like the MLB World Series. So they decided to try something new and pray for the rain to go a different direction. It wasn’t that they didn’t like the rain, they actually loved the rain. Even when it meant they had to stay inside and play video games. Now all they had in mind was to have faith in their prayers.

The time had come like the weather channel had announced and yet no sign of rain was visible. Until Elvis had heard a thunder coming from the south. He looked at Adrian with a face of disappointment and both slowly walked inside. Not realizing their mom was on the phone again, they sat down and stared at their gloves. Once their mom got off the phone she threw them the fantastic news. The coach told their mom the weather forecast was completely different now. It was no longer going to rain and the big game was back on schedule.

The author's comments:
Anything for baseball. For the love of the game.

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