The Quest of Fate

September 15, 2012
By , Dallas, TX
On one sunny day, there was a king known as Troy. King Troy had his four mightiest, fierce, skilled warriors that go on outrageous quests to defend their castle and people. His warriors were Knight Avalon, Huntress Ashe, Mage Crymerax, and Monk Shin. Together from four different tribes they were strong in their own special way and techniques. King Troy had called upon them to go across the seas and into the Black forest where they will find an old dragon’s claw. Avalon said “Dragons claw? Does that mean all dragons are extinct?” “No silly” interrupted Ashe as she tightens the string on her bow for greater accuracy. “What it means is, the great dragon ruler Krayxies has finally fallen after generations of his chaos to the villagers.” “So, what is the reason for going King Troy?” asked Shin. King Troy replied “There is a myth that if the ruler of dragons has been slayed, then his son shall be next in line to take the throne. “ What I am saying is that, his son could be creating an army in the Black forest as we speak. There is no time to lose! Go now!” yelled King Troy. They ran to the docks as the speed of light and set sail towards the Black forest. They sailed for days it seemed until they saw black smoke rising from the trees. They sailed in silently and hopped from tree branch to tree branch to silently eavesdrop on Lord Homunculus. Crymerax whispers “I am having second thoughts about this.” “There is no time to rethink this; we did not come all this way for nothing. This is our fate, whether we live or die.” said Ashe. “This is what we have been training for” said Avalon, as they watch hundreds of dragons practice aerial maneuvers and exhaling fire breathing. “Well there is no more time to waste, this ends tonight!” exclaimed Ashe as she jumps down and the others follow. They are spotted by the dragons and both sides clash together as a big chaotic fight. The warriors are fighting off anything that comes in their way and there is fire and arrows flying around in the air. Hot red blood spurting out on the floor and the warriors seem to be getting overwhelmed. Crymerax charges his staff with high voltage electric bolts and smashes it on the ground and electrocutes everything around them. Before they knew it all of Lord Homunculus’ army was killed and it was just him left. He flies off his throne and approaches them. The warriors are intimidated by the fearsome look in his eyes. “Fools! You have ruined my plan to rule for all eternity!” exclaimed Homunculus. “I have been planning this for ages!” Smoke begins to slither out of his nostrils and his eyes slowly turning red. “It’s a good thing we got here just on time then! The villagers have had enough of your crimes Homunculus!” yelled Shin. Homunculus laughs “Please that’s not even the worst I can do!” Homunculus filled his lungs with hot hair and exhaled fire at the warriors as they evaded his every move. They tried everything they could to injure him but it didn't seem to have any affect. Ashe looked closely and saw his chest slightly glowing red and she yelled "Aim for his heart! That's his weakness and that is all we have to try left. The other three warriors distracted Homunculus as Ashe aimed three sharp arrows at him. She waited for the perfect moment and studied his movements slowly and she realeased the arrows. Ashe watched them soar through the air and Homunculus eyes opened wide in shock as he saw them coming. The arrows peirced his heart and he dramitically fell on the ground with no pulse or sign of life left. The wairriors cheered with joy and happiness. They set sail again for their castle to tell their king the great news. They appeared at the docks as a huge crowd of villagers awaited them. They cheered and thanked the warriors while they were walking by feeling superior about themselves. They arrived at the king's throne and he greeted them. The warriors told King Troy what had happened and he grinned as he told them "Lord Homunculus and his army were the last dragons left, so now they are extinct for good!" Everyone was happy and so joyful about this "There will be no more torture or threats in this village anymore!" King Toy exclaimed. Everyone cheered and cried with tears of joy as the warriors once again celebraite another victorious adventure.

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