the shoe of destiny

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

The entrance of Towneast mall at 3am in the cold and dreary morning was not a pleasant place to be.The only exception would be is when the best shoes in history are going to release the very next day and you could the chance to purchase them for yourself.In the this case , it was for that exact reason."Just give up Apollo!" said xavier with great anger."Yeah man, the has to be like ahundred people infront of us in this line trying to get these shoes"."Me,xavier,john,and cody gave up already and we all doubt you will get them" said Nick as he added on."No , ive been waiting in this line for two days! and i'm not giving up on this pair.. not this time" Apollo said with great concidence.Apollo wasn't sure about how many pairs of the shoes the store recieved but some how he had a great feeling inside of him about.Some how he knew that he was going to get them.He valued them more than anything in his life up to that point.
The shoes were a pot of gold to Apollo.The shoes are athousand pairs in one in his mind.Apollo stood at the entrance in suspence with his friends by his side.all he can do is wait with his fingers crossed and let luck choose his fate.Just when he thought he was never going to move from his spot in line the doors had opened. He looked at everything around him as he tried to capture the moment.As they formed a single file line and walked to the store Apollo followed and kept his eyes at the front.On the way tot he store his friends doubted his chances , but Apollo didnt pay attention to not one of them.all he had his mind on was the shoes.He was getting closer to the store and just when he thought he would never get there , it was.The two doors the awaited apollo and as he walked into them he felt as if he was walking into the gates of heaven.
Apollo was surrounded by thousands of shoes in the store.All four walls were filled with all kinds of amazing shoes but the only ones he had his eyes on were waiting at the counter of the cash register.The line decreased and walking out of the line were people with the shoes in hand already purchased and some walked out in rage with nothing in hand because the stgore ran out of their shoe sizes.Apollo did not want to walk out empty handed.Apollo imagened himself inside the shoes as he gazed at the shoe box.He took babysteps with his eyes closed as he fanticised."What size are you looking for today?" said the footlocker cashier unexpectedly , "Size 9 please" Apollo replied.As those words left his mouth the beat ofhis heart raced faster than a speeding bullet."Congradulations! you've recieved the last pair!' said the cashier.He couldnt believe his ears , The cashier rung him up and as apollo walked out the store He felt complete."Bro! i cant believe you were lucky enough to get them!"said cody. "it was like his fate or something man" said john as he added on.When apollo first laid his eyes on the shoes he knew that they were going to be his,as if they were made for him and he was ment to get the shoes. The shoes of destiny.

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