Field Trip to Outer Space

September 14, 2012
By kaimanning917 BRONZE, Grandview, Missouri
kaimanning917 BRONZE, Grandview, Missouri
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“Hurray!” We’re all excited! For this is the day that my first grade class will take our BIG field trip to outer space! My name is Jennifer and I go to Hill Side Elementary School. I am in Mrs. H.’s class and we are learning about the universe in our science class. 567 years ago, in 1958, NASA was founded. In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the very first man to walk on the moon. Well now, NASA has created a program where school classes can take field trips to the moon. We are the very first class to try out the program! Every kid, and their mommy and daddy, waits in line to board the very big space ship that NASA built for us. My teacher hands us our space suits and helmets and we slip them on over our regular clothes.

“Is everybody ready?” Mrs. H asks.

“Hurray!” we all scream.

“Let’s go!”
The gigantic space doors open up and we all race to get our seats. The big astronaut man gets up in front of us as we put our seat belts on.

“Ladies and gentlemen! We are about to go into outer space. This space ship goes very, very fast, so please fasten your seat belts! This is a brand new space ship that has been designed especially for you all. It goes so fast, that we will be in space in approximately ten minutes. This has never been done in the 567 years of NASA history. Are you ready?”

“Yeah!” we all scream.

“We’ll be leaving in T minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Blast off!”

The space ship begins to shake, the engine roars, and the fire shoots out from the bottom of the space ship. Before long, we are waving good bye to earth.

“Look boys and girls!” My teacher says. We all look out of the tiny windows and the sky turns to night. There are a trillion billion hundred stars on the outside!

“Whoa!” I say. I can’t believe we are right next to real stars!

“Hey Mr. Astronaut man?” my friend William asks, “Can we stop by the alien’s houses?”

Mr. Astronaut man laughs. “I’m afraid there are no such things as aliens.”

“And if you look out your window, boys and girls, you will see a thing called a comet. It is only seen from earth every 76 years.” Says Mrs. H.

“WOW! And we are lucky ‘cause we gets to see it real close!” says my friend Rebecca.

“That’s right.” Says Mrs. H.

All of the grown ups take lots and lots of pictures and before long, we see a huge white circle.

“It’s the moon!” we yell.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen,” says Mr. Astronaut man, “we are here!” He lands the big space ship on the moon and we all line up at the door waiting to be released to explore the moon. The big space doors open. The sky is dark but the moon is bright. As we walk off the space ship we begin to walk very funny.

“Hey! There’s no gravity here!” says Rebecca.

“You’re absolutely right Rebecca!” says Mrs. H. as she skips over to the students. “There is no gravity in outer space which is why you feel like you are floating when you walk.

“Hey the moon isn’t really made out of cheese! It’s just icky dust and rocks!” I say.
Mrs. H. laughs. “Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, many people believed the moon was made out of cheese.” My teacher and Mr. Astronaut Man let us play in the dirt for a little while longer. “Okay boys and girls, I’m afraid it’s time for us to get back to Earth.”
“Ah Man!” We were very sad. Outer Space is very fun. So we all board the big space ship and Mr. Astronaut Man takes us safely back to Earth. I learned a lot from outer space, and when I get older I’m going to move to outer space.

The author's comments:
This piece takes place in the future. It's just a cute idea for kids that popped in my head during school.

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