The World Ender

September 10, 2012
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Once upon a time there were five kids, Bob, Joe, Billy, Nick, and Rick. They are in a jungle in a far lost Island near Hawaii. Their mission is to get a guy that was trying to kill the whole world. THe bad guys name is FREAK! He has killed all of North America already and still going. He is going to kill South America, then Africa, Australia, Europe then Asia.

Bob and his friends got to Hawaii and got the mission and told to start right away. When they started they got guns, vest, and cool equipment to help them. In a few hours of searching they finally found freak and tried to shoot him. While they were trying to shoot Freak, the real Freak got away. This really got Bob angry, upset, and confused.

They were searching again, they wouldn't give up till they got him dead or alive.While they were walking they heard gun shots like crazy. When they got their they saw that it was them trying to shoot Freak the fake a couple hours ago. Bob was standing on a trap and the net and was captured by the real Freak. When the four friends turned around they saw that Bob was trapped . They quickly ran away because they knew that the bad guys were going to capture them.

Bob was put into a little building on the side, called jail. Bob was standing ln and all of a sudden he had wings, quick feet, and felt stronger. He finally realized that he would be able to get away. He used his super strength and broke the whole building apart. He quickly found his friends and they told him where Freak was headed. They quickly got into a plane.

When the finally found Freak’s plane and they started to fire the guns. After Bob realized they were missing the whole time Bob decided to use a missile. They fired and freak died right away. The five friends landed and Started to celebrate because of their success. They went back to headquarters and told them about the success.

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