Different Side

September 9, 2012
As the last rays of sun fall through the valley two figures appear. One was in a long coat and hat. Blonde hair and cut long, strong and tall, about six two; male and about thirty. Bright blue eyes the color of the sea and speckled with hints of grey. The other figure a young women about twenty-eight; slightly less muscular and a bit shorter. She had a chain mail vest and formed leather boots; raven black hair cut long and shinning with a polished luster. “You know we have to stop meeting under these circumstance,” the first figure jokes. As he looks into the women’s deep green eyes he knew that he should stop talking and start to listen. “I’m sorry old friend, it just seams like every time we meet, we do it under the shadow of night and the silence of this old forest.”

“You should love those things most of all Blake, after all that is your job description.”

“Oh, so you do know my name after all these years, Emily.”

Soon the moon was upon them and they could get down to business. As the hoot of an owl echoes through the forest so do the voices of Blake and Emily. “So, what do you say. Can we finally join forces to defeat a bigger threat? You know the one massing in the south,” ventured Blake.
“You know I would love to, but the board has been on my ass to stop the famous thief and assassin. The master of the shadow, the way of the knife, and the head of the dying phoenix, Blake,” mocked Emily.
“Oh, but who could forget the little tomboy who grew up into the captain of the guard and the head teacher of the wonderfully boring school of fighting, that teaches you to fight with honor and with brawn not brain.” The smile on Blake’s face suddenly faded as he had knew this visit was going to be the last of many. “I’m so sorry Emily, I needed to find someone and I finally found her. This has to be our last visit, but I am truly sorry that it had to come to this.”
“I…I understand. We all have move on sometime.” Blake could see that she was on the verge of tears and her voice was cracking. As the embraced her for the last time he whispered, “Now is the part when I leave.” And with that he was gone without a trace.
“I wish it could have been different.”

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