Dream away

September 9, 2012
By Lin5dsy GOLD, Carthage, Maine
Lin5dsy GOLD, Carthage, Maine
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"You can turn off the sun but I'm still going to shine."

I stared down at my table frustrated. The paper was still blank

“Ten minutes left,” called out the teacher, laughing with maddness.

I began to sweat. How could I still have nothing? Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed it was getting dark outside. It was noontime, it shouldn’t be getting dark. I sat up straighter in my chair to get a better view and there was the reason it was dark: a shiny, fluorescent green helicopter coming in my direction was blocking the way of the sun. no one else seemed to notice. I got up and walked towards the window when a hand reached out to me.

“Come alone!” a voice cried as the arm grabbed mine and pulled me in. Next thing I knew I was in the helicopter with a woman who had such voluptuous lips, there was no space between her nose and lips.

I looked out the window and all I saw was beach sand. Where were we going? And where is there a place with beach sand anywhere near Dixfield, Maine?

Next thing I knew, the woman with the voluptuous lips was throwing me out of the helicopter and flying away.

“Wait!” I hollered, but it was too late. She was completely gone.

I looked around and panicked. How am I going to get home? What am I going to eat? I’m hungry.

There was something sparkling in the woods near by. I creeped over to find a bike. I got on it and began to pedal, even though I had no idea which direction to go.

Then I was flying, I must of hit a root and fell. When I landed, something fuzzy was under my hands. I opened my eyes to find my cat, my bed, and me in my room.

The author's comments:
In my creative writing class, we were given a list of adjectives and nouns to include in our story. Here is mine.

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