July 18, 2012
By Anonymous

No answer. The bridge wobbled-I gulped.
Not because of the wobbly bridge. I mean, here at Samurai-Sensei’s Ninja School, I face much worse things without the blink of an eyelash.
The fire below the bridge roared, searing at my bare feet. The plank I was on began crumbling, and without much thought I shifted my weight. This was the task I must pass to talk to Sensei- cross a burning bridge, using a skill I’d learned. I decided to play it safe and do a series of aerial flips to the end, then tell Sensei my…secret. Urgh… I could face a burning bridge, but got scared at confronting Sensei? What a wimp I am.
I took a deep breath and leaped into the air. As I scaled the sky, I flipped and landed with grace. Fire was beginning to lap higher and higher towards the bridge. Better hurry. I leaped again, hastier this time, flipped, and landed slightly sloppily. That was all it took. The rope on the other side of the bridge loosened- like in one of those action movies, only scarier, and much more realistic- loosened, then fell as if in slow motion. Sensei stayed stony-faced all the way through. I debated what to do next.
The very first rule Sensei taught me was to not think during times of crisis. But I couldn’t help it at the moment: you could say I’m a thinker.
Either unveil my secret…or die.
By the time I snapped back into reality, I was one second from…dying. I couldn’t think, for once I whipped into action.
Sensei’s jaw was agape. He held out his hands, and the flames hissed to a stop. I lingered, then dropped out of the air, somewhat sheepish. “So your secret…you…you…” for once, Sensei was actually speechless.
“…can fly,” I finished quietly.
Sensei was quiet for another moment, then ushered me to a door I’d never noticed before. He remarked, “Time for a new field of education, Lily. Or shall I say…full-fledged Samurai.”

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