Rain Like Blood

July 3, 2012
By Jessica29 BRONZE, Pecatonica, Illinois
Jessica29 BRONZE, Pecatonica, Illinois
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The rain falls on the rooftop bringing all the pain, the agony, and the fear that I had hidden behind the sun. I watched the drops fall down, I watched the drops flow into mini streams and I watched as all the pain, agony, and fear came forth like a tsunami waiting … waiting for the chance to come to life and tear everything down. Alone in my room, in the dark, while the thunder roared like a tiger, while the lightening pierced the ground like a vase shattering, I watched as the rain continued to fall like the blood on my arm falling down my arm like a mini stream. I watched and wondered why … why did I do this? The blood continued like the rain, falling … falling until suddenly it stopped. All the pain, agony, and fear shown to the world, shining like the lightning, telling everyone about the pain, agony, and fear I felt.
The sun shined, hiding everything in its wake; hiding the pain, agony, and fear that were once shown by the rain and the blood. I stared at the wet streets, wet like my arm from cleaning up after the blood … after the pain, agony, and fear left, leaving the impact of the tsunami that swept through and left scars in its wake.
“Why … why did I choose to do this to myself?” I kept asking myself. A rainbow showed through the clouds that were receding in the distance … a rainbow, purifying everything that set eyes on it, erasing the scars, erasing the memories, and erasing the horrible decisions. I looked at the streets as all the evidence was leaving, like the marks on my arms, telling me that everything would be okay again. I looked at my arm and saw the evidence leaving, telling me that I would make better decisions and never come back to this state again.
The rainbow and the sun were shining down, showing the forgiveness, the healing, and the forgotten. I got up and walked out of my room smiling.
“I will never come back to this choice again.”

The author's comments:
This came to me after I read a Fan Fiction about a person who cut themselves and got through it with help from a close friend.

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