Between Borders

June 25, 2012
By mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
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Alarms set off, sirens shouted out their vocal chords, and dusk had kicked in.
I lay there wrapped in a damp red cloth and held tightly, uncomfortably around a muscular body. Sounds crept in, playing its tricks on my ear drums, the nasty aura of detritus fiddled its way into my nostrils and my dry tongue exhausted all its attempts to taste a single drop of life. The thorns of the bush around constantly plunged into my dry skin letting blood surge out in an unceasing flow. The wish-washing oozing wind swept as a carpet over my body for at least a moment rushing a feeling of euphoria within my nerves.
As unconscious as I was, 4 of my senses still kept my dead body alive.
In the distance, AK-47’s fired their bullets shaking the ground beneath. “Duck, kneel, crawl…” were the orders he recited. He rolled over the wet marram grass with me still stiff in his arms.
Animals were all in frenzy as if they had found their prey, howling, roaring, barking and you name it. The site was now clear. “Wake up, stay alive, you can’t leave us like this” Rod whispered into my ears hoping to shake me into reality. My beady eyes twitched slightly with all the strength that was still kept alive in me when the first rays of the scorching sun set its shine as a blessing on to me. Barbed wires cuddled up and crawled away into the distant land. “ We’ve reached the borders” I shouted and spun with utmost pride forgetting all about what I’d gone through…

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