When Paths Collide

Lia, Lauren, Landon, and Zack were four fifteen year old that never thought that they would ever cross paths in life, and they wouldn’t have though in a million years that they would end up stranded on an island together. It was by a small chance that they ended up on the same plane together and it was by an even smaller chance that they ended up on a plane that would end up crashing in the Indian Ocean. Not only did they end up meeting by small chance, they also were almost complete opposites.

Zack Trump was the son of the very wealthy philanthropist Donald Trump. He had lived the high life ever since he was born and had barely lifted a finger in his entire life. Everything he had ever wanted in life, he had received. Everywhere he went he had a staff of people that went with him doing everything he would ever ask for. He was currently on his way to visit his father who was giving a speech in India.

Lauren Hawthorn was a famous actress who was well known all around the world who also had just released her debut album. She was known for being in the hit blockbusters “Divergent” and “The Walking Dead: The Movie.” She had a whole bunch of other movies just lined up and directors who were waiting to sign her on for the next hit trilogy since “The Hunger Games.” Although she lived the rich and famous life style, she was very kind, peaceful, and down to earth. She loved volunteering at various organizations and was a world peace activist. She was currently on her way to a concert she was giving at the Taj Mahal.

Lia Smith was a spy for the American government association known as the USSA or the United States Spy Authority. She was one of the most experienced spies in the association and was one of the best spies in the entire American government. Because of her age she could easily go undercover without anyone ever suspecting thing. She had received the highest honors that you could receive and played a huge role in the takedown of Hassim Bin Ladin. She was currently on a mission to take down a person who had a connection to one of the biggest terrorist organization in the Middle East.

Landon Bin Hassam was the son of the leader of one of the biggest terrorist organization in the Middle East. Although his dad lived in the Middle east, he had lived his entire life in America with his uncle. He was also the person that Lia Smith had been sent to hunt down, but little did she know, that he was also after her. He was put on the plane with backpack full of plastic explosive to blow up the plane and kill the spy that was after him and his father. This mission was a test from his father to see if he had any use in the terrorist world. If everything had went well, he would escape by sky diving out a secret trap door in the bathroom, but sadly for him, things didn’t go as planned.

Exactly two hours into the flight from New York to India, Landon had taken his backpack and locked himself in the bathroom. If things would’ve gone as planned, he would’ve set the timer on the bomb and escaped before the bomb went off, but sadly for him, Lia saw him enter the bathroom with his mysteriously bulging backpack and had followed him to the back of the plane. She knocked on the door and wasn’t surprised when Landon didn’t answer back, so she knocked harder.
“It’s occupied!” She heard Landon shout from inside the bathroom. She had decided to put things to an end before they got and further, so she braced herself against a railing on the opposite wall and jumped off the ground while her feet slammed into the door with so much force it sent the door flying inwards revealing Landon tinkering with the timer on the bomb.
“Caught you red handed,” She said to him as he looked up her still in shock. “The gigs up Landon,”
“Oh is it?” he said. “Because the way it looks, the bomb is set to go off in five minutes and before it does, I will be long gone.”
“Not if I can do anything about it.” Lia said as her hand shot out and grabbed a hold of Landon’s shirt pulling him out of the bathroom stall and shoving him on to the ground. “I know all about your little escape plan,” She went over and prepared to kick him in the head, but before she got the chance he jumped up and pinned her against the wall.
“Oh really?” Landon said mocking her while he aimed a punch at her face. “Well I know more about you than you think.” Just as he was about to release the punch she grabbed a hold of the railing and both of her feet slammed into his stomach with enough force to send him off of her and slamming into the other wall. It only took him a few seconds to recover, but instead of attacking Lia again he realized he was out of time and headed back for the bathroom stall, but Lia stopped him just as he was about to enter the room. As they were fighting, another girl had walked up to them. The girl was Lauren Hawthorn.
“Excuse me?” She asked them politely. “But what seems to be the problem here?” The two of them just stared at her in shock.
“It’s none of your business.” Landon spat in her face. Lauren sighed as she wiped the spit off of her face.
“Well, I don’t know what you two are fighting about, but you are being rather disruptive.” They looked around and saw that most of the passengers on the plane were starting at them. They saw a boy approaching from the isle way. The boy was Zack Trump.
“Excuse me!” He yelled which got their attention. “Will you idiots move so I can take a p***?” He said in a rather annoyed voice.
“I’m sorry,” Landon responded. “But this bathroom is occupied he said making a leap for the bathroom.
“Oh no its not,” Lia pulling him backwards. “You go right ahead.” Without hesitating, Zack pushed passed them and walked into the bathroom and did the best he could trying to close the now bent door.
“Don’t go in there!” Landon said, but it was too late. A second later there was a small explosion and Zack emerged running and screaming from the bathroom with his pants on fire.
“It’s about to blow!” Landon screamed. Without hesitating, Lia ran forward in the opposite direction diving under one of the plane seats. Lauren, who had just seemed to catch on as to what was going on calmly went back to her seat and put on her life vest. Landon made a quick run towards the bathroom and pulled back the soap dispenser which revealed a secret button. He pushed it and suddenly the floor from under him disappeared and he dropped through the floor, without the parachute that he had forgotten was hidden behind the toilet. Zack was still running frantically around trying to distinguish the fire that lit his pants on fire.

It only took a few seconds before the final explosion had occurred. There was a deafening bang and the explosion had blown a hole through the side of the plane, and quickly the plane began to make its descent into the Indian Ocean.

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