My Great Adventure

June 18, 2012
By 9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
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I coughed as I walked out the plane.
Just as I could see through the dust, I heard scratching noises. It was coming from a pile of bushes.
I said: “Pilot, can you please come here?” I waited for the pilot to come, and I heard the scratching noises again. The pilot came close to me, wondering what was happening.
“I have heard scratching noises, pilot!” I said, alerted.
“That must be just some little animal that scared you.” THe pilot ensured me.
“No……” I hadn’t finished my sentence yet but more scratching noises came as a big, hungry monster leaped out from the bushes, looking around for something.
“He must be hungry, sir.” The pilot said.
“Yes.” I gulped. “And, he must have eaten many humans before.” I gulped again.
This time, the pilot looked scared than before.
“He looks like he wants to be our pet.” He joked.
“There’s no time to talk about jokes, how are we going to kill that? Or capture that? Or, survive?” I asked him impatiently, watching the creature turn around slowly to us.
“What? You said capture? That’s it! All we need to do is capture him!” I looked at the creature again and I gasped. “It’s the… it’s the Big…. Big…Foot…” I was about to faint. “Water…water…water...” I repeated that one word again and again until the pilot took a water bottle from his back pack. I drank the water and said: “it’s the Big Foot.”
“W-what? The Big Foot is supposed to be at a forest at least, how can it be a desert? And how can a desert have bushes in there?” I looked at the bushes. Then the weather becomes very windy, with sand blowing into my eye, I can barely see a thing. I said: “well, many trees have been chopped down, birds have no place to live, squirrels have no place to live……and well, there’s only bushes left. But bushes have been like a blockade—been moved away, so the forest turned into a desert with bushes in there.” I explained
“Oh,” the pilot said, although he didn't understand a word I said. “People should never, ever cut down more trees like this. They should plant trees. Or, any big forest would turn into a Sahara Desert.”
“Yes, my pilot. But how can we get the Big Foot into a cage, and get the million dollar reward?” I asked
“Don’t you remember that you need to find Nessie, the flying monster, and the tooth monster, then you can get the million dollar reward?” “I said: “Well, let’s just use the Big Foot and we can get all the creatures.”
“Well,how you get them?”
“Watch me!” As I said this, I tossed a meat to the Big Foot. The Big Foot quickly ate it. After the Big Foot ate the meat and was no longer hungry, I tossed another meat to the Big Foot. The Big Foot didn’t what it, so it threw it up the sky. A big flying creature came down and swoop the meat away fast as lightning and happily ate it. “Well, pilot, don’t you see?”
The pilot didn’t answer but his mouth has dropped to the ground when he saw this. “How can you catch Nessie? She goes under the water and never goes to a desert! She is impossible to capture.”
“I don’t think so,” I said, “give me the water bottle.” The pilot gave me the water bottle again. I poured some water to the ground and digged with my bare hand in the sun under the hot, burning sun. After a while, I was sweating, and panting. Then, I kept on digging, and then I saw water! I then waited patiently. After a long time, a big monster rose up, high as the Effiel Tower. “Wow! How did you do that? Nobody ever did that!” The pilot excalimed, absolutely nonplused by my show.
I said: “The meat didn’t help me. The water bottle didn’t help me. It was all because other animals like them were in danger, so they got together in the only place they knew—the Big Big Forrest. But some how, it turned out even worse—the Forrest had become Big Big Desert!” then, I continued: “ I want to save these animals and take them to Mr. Mews. But, I don’t want the million dollar reward, because that these animals truly need help of ours!!”



The author's comments:
This was written in my fiction writing class.

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