June 23, 2012
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It was summer in the big city and I was just throwing on a clean T-shirt before I went out for our last day of school house party. It was nearly midnight so I had to be quick and silent if dad caught me he would kill me. I slid down the railing to avoid the squeaky stair that sat somewhere in the middle of the stair case. I hit the floor and ran to out the door to the party only a block away. I had just finished my first drink when I heard Katy my girlfriend yell my name as she pushed through the crowd.
“Hey “I said ignoring the freaked look on her face
“Dude I just seen you dad he’s like totally mad“she said curling her ling blond hair behind her ear
“So what “I said suddenly feeling like I had drank more than one bear
“Dude he’s here looking for you “she said pulling me towards the bathroom. Suddenly it sunk in. my dad must have herd me leave and fallowed me here. I pulled Kate into the bathroom hit the lights and locked the door. My eyes quickly adjusted to the lights and I could make out a bottle of bear on the counter. “You mind” I said grabbing for it.
“Me first “she said getting it first.
“Guess not “I said sitting on the counter. Katy took a swig from the bottle then passed it over. I finished it off then dropped the bottle. I defiantly had more than two bears. I clasped or at least I think I did. Suddenly I heard Katy’s scream. It was like a nightmare without any image just the sound of her scream playing over and over in my brain. Until I woke up lying on a rickety old wood table in the middle of the woods. I sat up and stretched. My shirt was ripped and my jeans seemed to have turned to cut off shorts overnight.
“That party must have been wilder then I thought “I said to myself.
“There you are “my dad said smiling for the first time I could ever remember.
“What happened “I said feeling more than a little hung over?
“son I don’t know how much good it will do but I truly think you need to hear a story." my father said as he met my eyes for the first time since i could remember stories were quite out of character for him" it’s the one my father told me when I first started having blackouts and it’s the same one his father told him. “He posed once more and only for a moment before he started his story “over 100 years ago there were two siblings Draklinnea the most beautiful girl in town and her over protective older stronger brother named Darlick. Darlick was a realist who refused to believe in any sort of magic ghost or afterlife. Draklinnea on the other had was the most open gullible person in the town not to say she wasn’t smart she scored top grades in all of her classes but anyone could get her to believe anything. Despite their differences these two where as close as close could be until one terribly deceptive night when an old maiden dressed in rags came to their village. She promised eternal life to both siblings. Draklinnea jumped at the chance to be immortal an in her mind famous but Darlick was moor causes and he went to see Mida the native medicine woman of their village she explained him that the maiden was really a selfish old witch who had at one time been a medicine woman for all clans until she realised she could make herself immortal with the soles off others so she would dress in rags and sell an immortality spell to any child that would take it not telling them that it was really a spell to take the sole. She did however have enough compaction to leave the person living. Darlick didn’t want to wait to hear the whole thing he ran to warn his sister but it was too late. The witch had already started the ritual. He was helpless to stop it. He stood behind a tree and watch. His sister had been laid out on a table and tied down with black silk sashes. She had on her favourite red dress and she looked nerves as the old witch danced around her chanting in an old language he had never heard before.as she did so the beautiful red dress Draklinnea had on faded to black and it was then that she knew it was a set up. She fought as hard as she could but it she was tied to tight suddenly her faugh and fought until she fainted. When she did so the witch suddenly stopped chanting and a delicate ball of glowing light rose out of Draklinna’s mouth and hovered above her body. He watched in horror as his beloved sisters sole was taken from its suspended state and put into a translucent green jar with what appeared to be many others. The old witch swiftly packed up the jar and left the girl tied up motionless on the table. Slowly Darlick crept over to her and loosened the sashes around her arms and feet. He tried C.P.R but it was too late. Defeated he sat down beside the body of the sister he failed to protect and sobbed. He sobbed all night long and through to the next morning. It was that morning he realised he had to do something. But he couldn’t think of what. He couldn’t tell his father he would be crushed and his mother had died years before so he acted on the only viable option he thought there was. He went back to the medicine woman and told her everything that happened that night. Frantic the medicine woman demanded to see Draklinnea’s body but when they went back to the spot of the curse. Draklinnea was gone. It had looked like she had just stood up and walked away. Darlick was confused his sister was dead she had no pulse no hart beat no sign of life yet it looked as though she was well enough to stand up clime down off the table and walk away. He turned to the medicine woman for answers but he didn’t like what she gave him. She explained that though her sole was dead her body lived on and without a sole to ground it the body would never age, would never sicken and could never feel. There was no pain for her but she wasn’t human any longer. Her kind spirit was gone her sole and her drive was sucked out of her. Darlick was angered and swore he would hunt down and murder the maiden who did this to his kind loving sister. The native medicine woman seen thirst for revenge in his eyes and grudgingly gave him the gift of change. He now had the power to destroy the evil his sister had now embodied. The change he was given was one of extra sole. He now was all sole and no physical body left. And due to that through kin and through marriage his gift could be passed on through generations. He gained a family as quick as he could and started a war with the sole-less creatures his sister was creating. When the two finally met on the battle field he realised that he couldn’t kill her. He knew that she was already dead inside but she was still the beautiful kind caring sister Draklinnea he still loved her so that he couldn’t kill her. Even the empty shell of her body was too much to kill so he made her a deal against his better judgment. The deal was if she and her people stayed away from the towns he would let her live. She agreed and the two groups parted there sprat ways. Over time people forgot and that extra sole that extra wolf sole got passed down the family line from my father to me to you." he said smiling
" dad i don’t get it i just blacked out last night and this morning I woke up here on this stupid table and now you’re telling me some weird story about soles and some people with crazy names what the blank is going on?!?!?!” I said angrily
“The one part of the story that isn’t always told is the extra sole given to Darlick was a wolfs sole. “He said smiling
“Dad what are you saying? “ I said even more confused than when I started
“Son you’re a were-wolf and last night when you blacked out your wolf took over” he smiled again waiting for a reaction
“What? “ I finally said after trying to take it all in. dad was always a little out there but where-wolf was crazy even for him.
“You are a were-wolf “he said slowly almost mocking me. Then it sunk in I didn’t pass out from being drunk I turned into a were-wolf and forgot. Suddenly Katy’s scream re-entered my mind.
“Is Katy ok?” I asked nervously
“I’m sorry he said sitting beside me on the table “
“Mind if I hang out here a while? “ I asked sadly
“ sure take as long as you need there’s an abandon cabin about a mile down the trail its stoked for a year or two come home when you’re ready and I’ll be waiting. “ he said standing up and walking away
“Hey dad thanks “I said calmly as I got off the table and continued on down the trail to my new life

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