Sara Do: Missing

June 22, 2012
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One day in the middle of winter, a girl was walking through a dark cold alley. That girl is Sara Do.
She is twelve years old, has brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair is ties back in a ponytail, is a good dancer, and is an athletic person. She’s also a joker. She runs around, having fun, jokes around, and is always smiling.
Sara was walking home from a friend’s house, and decided to take a shortcut. As she walked through the dark, cold alley, she felt that someone was following her, watching her.
She looked back and she didn’t see anyone. When she looked forward again, she tripped over her feet, falling on her hands and knees. Sara heard someone shuffled up towards her. She quickly got up and started to run. Sara didn’t get very far when something grabbed hold of her arm. She tried to get away but the grip was too strong. He, Sara decided it was a he because of the grip, pulled a handkerchief over mouth, and tied a piece of cloth over her eyes. Then she blacked out.
The next day was Monday. A small group of Sara’s friend wondered where she was. They were Emily. Loi, An, Khanh, and Rheymart.
Emily is thirteen years old, brown eyes, a little longer than her shoulder length brown reddish hair, and she is very pretty.
Loi is thirteen years old, has brown eyes, short black hair, tall for her age, and she is also athletic like Sara, with a sense of humor like her.
An is fourteen years old, has brown eyes, short brown red hair, short for her age, likes to write, and listens to Korean music.
Khanh is thirteen years old, has brown eyes, long black brown hair, a little shorter than Loi, loves to read, and loves to write.
Rheymart is thirteen years old, black hair, taller than Loi, likes to dance out of nowhere, is very smart in math, and is horrible with grammar.
During lunch, they talked about where Sara could be.
“Where was she yesterday?” Khanh ask.
“Sara was at our house,” Loi said. “She left around 6.”
“That’s when we last saw her,” Emily said.
“Maybe when Sara was walking home, she must have gotten kidnapped or something,” Rheymart suggested.
“Don’t be so negative, Rheymart,” Khanh said.
“You should never expect the worse,” An said. “Maybe Sara’s just lost.”
“But it’s hard to get lost in Alameda,” Khanh said.
“Maybe Rheymart’s right. Maybe Sara did get kidnapped,” Emily said
“You’re agreeing with me, Emily?” Rheymart gasped.
“Whatever, Rheymart,” Emily said, “We need to find Sara or else somebody could kill her.”
“That’s no likely to be possible,” Khanh said. “They’ll probably use her as leverage first. Then they’ll kill her.”
“How could you know that, Khanh?” Loi ask.
“I’ve watched enough CSI to know,” Khanh said. “After school, we could retrace her steps, starting from Loi’s and Emily’s place.”
“Okay,” Rheymart said, backing up. “You can go find clues about Sara, while I go home.”
“Do you even care about Sara, Rheymart?” Loi said.
“I do, but I want to go to Emily’s house,” Rheymart said.
“What about it?” An said. “I go to her house.”
“Yeah,” Khanh said. “I go to Loi’s house, too.”
“We’re talking about Emily’s house, not Loi’s, Khanh,” Rheymart said.
“We live together, Stupid,” Loi said.
“Oh,” Rheymart said. “Well, I still can’t go. My grandma won’t let me.”
“Do you always use that excuse?” Khanh ask.
“It’s true. She won’t let me go anywhere,” Rheymart said.
“Tell your grandma that you had to stay after school for a school project,” An said.
“Okay,” Rheymart said, taking out his phone.
“Not right now, Dum Dum,” Khanh said. “Call after school.”
“Oh. Okay,” Rheymart said.
Over at an abandoned warehouse, Sara was blind folded, a piece of cloth was over her mouth, her hands were tied behind her back, and her legs were tied together.
Where am I? Sara thought. I wonder if someone is going to save me.
Then Sara heard a door on her left open. Someone walked up to her, untied her blindfold and the cloth over her mouth. She blinked a couple of times, adjusting her eyes to the light.
In front of her was a guy, about six feet tall. He had green eyes, and black hair. He was wearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and black Converse.
“Who are you?” Sara asks.
“I am Zane,” the boy said.
“Why did you kidnap me?” Sara asks.
“To see who would come and rescue you,” Zane said.
“The police would come and get me,” Sara said. “Who else?”
“The four girls who call themselves the Element Goddesses,” Zane said.
“What about them?” Sara asks.
“I need to talk to them.”
“Because it’s none of your business!” Zane growled.
“So, how will they know I’m here?” Sara asks.
“I’ve sent a letter to the police station. Telling them that if I don’t see the Element Goddesses, I will kill you,” Zane said.
“Y-you won’t really kill me, Right?” Sara said.
“Maybe, if they don’t show up in 24 hours,” Zane said.
“Do you know who the Element Goddesses really are?” Sara asks.
“If I did why would I need to send the letter to the POLICE STATION?!” Zane yelled. “I would’ve just sent it to the Fire Goddess.”
“Okay. You didn’t have to yell.”
“Go back to sleep,” Sean said.
“Can’t, I’m not sleepy?” Sara said.
Zane pulled a piece of cloth from his pocket and covered it over Sara’s mouth. She got lightheaded and fell asleep. Zane laughed. “They won’t know what hit them.”
Over at Emily and Loi’s house, Loi, Khanh, An, Emily, and Rheymart were standing under a tree in front of the building, discussing what they should do.
“Loi, An, and I will check at your house while you and Rheymart will find the path Sara took home,” Khanh said.
“No!” Emily and Rheymart yelled at the same time.
“Why do I have to go with Emily?” Rheymart said.
“Why do I have to go with Rheymart?” Emily said.
“Because your aunt won’t let him inside,” Khanh said.
“Why can’t we also have An?” Rheymart said.
“Because you two look good together,” Loi said.
“I don’t want to be with him!” Emily wined.
“Too bad, Emily,” Khanh said.
“Fine, come on, Emily,” Rheymart said grabbing her arm. “I bet we’re going to find more clues then them.”
“Fine,” Emily said. “Let go of me!”
Rheymart then let go of Emily’s arm.
When Emily and Rheymart was out of sight, Loi, An, and Khanh were laughing really hard.
“Nice job, Khanh,” Loi said giving her a high five.
“Thanks,” Khanh said.
“They really are meant for each other,” An said.
“Okay, An,” Loi said. “You check towards the sidewalk while we check the driveway.”
“Okay,” An walked towards the sidewalk.
Five minutes later, Khanh got a call from the Police Department.
“Who is it?” Loi asks.
“The Police,” Khanh said, picking it up. “Hello?”
“Yes, this is Officer Jones from the Police Department. You are the Fire Goddess, Phoenix, right?”
“Yeah, why?”
“We need to inform you that a person is kidnapped and the captor demanded to see you guys or else he’ll kill the girl.”
“Who is the girl?”
“Umm…Sara Do.”
“Hold on,” Khanh said, covering the mouth piece. She turned to Loi. “Sara’s been kidnapped by a dude and he wants to see us or else he’ll kill her.”
“What?! Where does he want to meet us?” Loi said.
Khanh uncovered the mouth piece. “Where does he want to meet us?” Khanh asks.
“Umm…Upper Washington Park,” Officer Jones said.
“Upper Washington Park,” Khanh said to Loi.
Loi nodded her head. “Tell the Police we’ll be at Washington Park in ten minutes.”
“We’ll be at Washington Park in Ten minutes,” Khanh said.
“Roger that,” he said and hung up.
“We need to get Hannah and Jovina,” Loi said.
“Don’t you think I already know that?” Khanh said.
“Yes,” Loi said.
“Race you to Jovina’s house?” Khanh said, taking off.
Loi started to run after her. “You are so going to lose, Khanh!”
A few minutes later, Loi and Khanh were breathing hard in front of Jovina’s house. Khanh rang the doorbell. Later, an old woman answered the door.
“Are you Jovina’s grandma?” Loi asks.
“Yes,” she said.
“Is Jovina home?” Khanh asks.
“Yes, hold on.”
She turned around. “Vannah! Your friends are here to see you!”
“Who are they?!” Jovina yelled.
“What are your names?” Jovina’s grandmother asks.
“Loi and Khanh,” Loi said.
“Loi and Khanh!”
“Hold on. I’m coming!” Jovina yelled.
A while later, Jovina came running downstairs, and her grandmother went back to the kitchen.
Jovina is Khanh’s and Loi’s best friend since third grade. She has long brown hair, not as long as Khanh’s, just little shorter, brown eyes, is twelve, and she is an awesome artist. Today, Jovina wore blue jeans, blue Converse, and grey shirt. “Hey, guys,” Jovina said.
“Hey, Jovina,” Loi said.
“’Sup,” Khanh said.
“Why are you here?” Jovina ask.
“You know Sara, right?” Khanh said.
“Anderson?” Jovina said.
“No, Do,” Loi said.
“Yeah. Why?” Jovina ask.
“She went missing.” Khanh said. “Then we realized that she got kidnapped.”
“By who?” Jovina ask.
“We don’t know.” Loi said.
“How’d you know that Sara got kidnapped?” Jovina ask.
“The Police Station just called me,” Khanh said.
“You or Phoenix?” Jovina ask.
“Well, Phoenix,” Khanh said.
You see Khanh, Loi, Hannah, and Jovina are the goddess of elements.
Loi is Aquarius, Goddess of Water. Her jeans and t-shirt becomes a blue dress that reaches above her knees with blue shorts under. In her hair was a single braid with a ribbon tied he end. She wore boots, and a blue mask. She also has a blue belt that has a blue orb in it. On top of her head are blue goggles. She wore a blue Robin mask and blue cape. Her eyes are neon blue.
Hannah is Terra, Goddess of Earth. Her short becomes a green raged edge skirt. Her shirt becomes a green long sleeve shirt. Her hair got longer and had green streaks in it. She wore combat boots, a green Robin mask, and a cape that goes from light green to dark green, top to bottom. Her eyes are neon green.
Khanh is Phoenix, Goddess of Fire. Her black t-shirt becomes a red short sleeve shirt, with a flame wrap off her left arm, ending with real flames. Her jeans turned into a red/orange skirt with dark red shorts under. She had to leave her hair down, which she really hates the most. She had a single red streak in her hair. Her ‘K’ necklace becomes a ‘P’ necklace. She wore black Converse, a red Robin mask, and a red cape. Her eyes are neon blue.
Jovina Sok becomes Aura, Goddess of the Winds. Her shirt and jeans becomes a grey skirt, and long sleeve shirt. She wore a grey belt that has a silver orb in the middle. She also wore fish net gloves that reach up to her elbow. She wore a grey Robin mask, and a grey cape. Her eyes are grey.
Each of the girls has an orb that they wear around their neck. Except for Khanh, she kept her’s in her pocket: red for Khanh, blue for Loi, green for Hannah, and grey for Jovina.
“The guy who kidnapped Sara wanted to see the Element Goddesses,” Loi said.
“What if we don’t want to?” Jovina said.
“Then he’ll kill her,” Khanh said.
“Let’s get Hannah,” Jovina said.
The three of them snapped their fingers. A tornado came and swallowed Jovina up, and when it was gone, so was she. Loi turned into a puddle of water and melted away. Khanh was engulfed in flames and disappeared. Five minutes later, Loi, Jovina, and Khanh appeared at Hannah’s door step. Loi rang the doorbell. Seconds later a woman opened the door. “Can I help you?” she asks.
“Are you Hannah’s mom?” Khanh ask.
“Yes,” Hannah’s mom said.
“Is Hannah home?” Jovina ask.
“Yes, she is. May I ask who you are?” she said.
“I’m Loi.”
“I’m Jovina.”
“I’m Khanh. We’re Hannah’s friends.”
“Okay then. Hold on,” Hannah’s mom said, Turning around. “Hannah! Your friends are here!”
“Who, Mama?!” Hannah said.
“Loi, Jovina, and Hannah!”
“Okay. I’m coming!”
Seconds later, Hannah appeared at the door way while her mother walked to the living room. “Hey, guys,” Hannah said.
“Hi, Hannah,” Jovina said.
“Hey, Hannah,” Loi said.
“’Sup, Hannah” Khanh said.
“Why Are you guys here?” Hannah asks.
“A person has been kidnapped and it’s one of our friends,” Khanh said.
“Who?” Hannah asks.
“Sara Do,” Loi said.
“Where do we go now?” Hannah asks.
“Now, we go to Washington Park,” Khanh said.

To Be Continue…

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