Welcome to Never Land

June 20, 2012
Jonathan rubbed his eyes. There--he heard it again.

Tap. Tap-Tap. Tap. Something knocked against his window again. The boy peered from underneath his bed-covers to see a gloved hand. Was this the Sand Man? Or maybe one of the Kidnappers that Mum had warned him about?

"Who are you?" he whispered faintly to the hand. A slow click, and the screech of the window being opened was heard.

Prickles crept across his flesh, blood pounding in his ears. Who was this?

A thin, gloved hand silently protruded from the open window, reaching into his room.

Oh no, Jonathan thought. This is the end.

"Hello, old chap!" an elderly, bespectacled man greeted smartly. His overgrown beard swung in rhythm as the old man tumbled into the room.

"Mr. Godfrey!" Jonathan exclaimed. "You scared me there!" The young boy protested with aggravation.

"Sorry, chap. I told you I would show you the special land, so here I am!" Mr. Godfrey said with a kind smile, helping young Jonathan to his feet.

"It's quite alright," Jonathan patted his sleep bottoms, ridding them of any wrinkles. Jonathan took Mr. Godfrey's hand and jumped out the window.

A delicious burst of cool air alerted Jonathan. Yes, he was flying.

"My Mum and Dad might be awoken by this," Jonathan remarked to his elderly companion.

"Not to worry," Mr. Godfrey waved his gloved hand. A faint tinkling sound occurred as Jonathan realized time stopped for the regular citizen.

They stopped on a cool dock, cement uneven. Mr. Godfrey produced a lantern from inside his coat. He swung his lantern three times and slowly the schooner appeared.

"Is this how we'll get there?" Jonathan grinned at the ship.

"Exactly," Mr. Godfrey ruffled the young boy's mussy hair.

The two boarded the ship quietly, planks groaning underneath Jonathan's weight.

Three moments passed as the ship righted itself for the journey. Mr. Godfrey snapped his fingers, and to Jonathan's delight, the ship rose into the air.

"To our destination!" Mr.Godfrey commanded. Jonathan, eyes wide with delight, peered underneath the ship and at the ground.

Soon, warm, bubbling lagoons filled the air with scents of citrus and flowers. Mermaids dozed on rocks, their hair and scales both gleaming with the moonlight.

A few nocturnal birds twittered as they soared across the night sky, a few flying together with the ship.

"We're here," Mr. Godfrey said as the ship lowered. "Welcome to Never Land."

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