Leonardo the Zombie Slayer

June 13, 2012
By skatenwake BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
skatenwake BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
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Once upon a time, there was a great and awesome dragon slayer. He slayed dragons. He was totally B.A. His name was Leonardo. He lived in the mountains because he was too good for civilization. He had a pet dragon that he couldn’t bring himself to kill because the dragon was injured when he found him. His name was Trogdor. Trogdor was super awesome too because he could fly, and breathe fire. But he was different than other dragons. He could also become invisible for stealthy missions.

One day, Leonardo was going to the lake to get water for Trogdor and himself. When he got to the river he discovered that the lake was more shallow than usual. He didn’t think about it much at the time, but as he continued to go there day after day he noticed that it was losing more and more water each day. He was getting concerned and decided he was going to go on a dragon hunt. He went back to his house on the mountain and told Trogdor that they were leaving for a hunt.

They looked for dragons for about 16 days when they decided that there were no dragons around the area. So they were confused as to how the water was being taken from them. Leonardo thought about how he could help, or at least figure out why the water was disappearing. One night he went to the lake to keep guard to see if anyone or anything was coming to drink out of it. He climbed a tree and sat and watched for about three hours when he found his answer. Zombies.

He discovered that zombies were coming to the lake and were drinking the water, and taking back what they could in bottles and jugs to their graves so they wouldn’t have to come back to the lake every night. He wasn’t prepared to fight any of the zombies at the time so he had to wait up in the tree all night before he could go back to his house. When he got back to his house he quickly told Trogdor what he saw. He started to formulate a plan. He decided that he was going to have to fight and kill all the zombies, but he couldn’t do it alone. He needed Trogdor’s help.

They began to train for the coming battle against the horde of zombies. They trained for three long months and each day they were running lower and lower on water until there was barely a puddle in the lake. When the water was almost completely gone, they decided that it was time to fight he zombies.

They waited for a long long time before they started hearing the groans of the undead. When the undead saw them standing on what used to be the lake, they started to attack. Leonardo quickly jumped onto Trogdor’s back and they took off into the sky. Trogdor started spitting fire balls out towards the zombies which quickly started to wipe them out, but since they were undead the only way to kill them was to destroy their brain. They would have to take them on at close range. Trogdor started to dive bomb back to the ground so the zombies would start to disperse enough for Leonardo to take out his sword and start chopping heads off. They were completely outnumbered, but with Trogdor clawing and smashing zombies on one side while Trogdor chopped and sliced heads off on the other, the zombies slowly started to die off one by one.

In the end, Leonardo and Trogdor were victorious. They followed what used to be the lake back to the grave yard where the zombies stayed. They took the jugs and bottles back to their house and kept it there safe and sound. Once the zombies were defeated the water slowly started to come back to the lake until it was full again, and Leonardo and Trogdor lived happily ever after.


The author's comments:
I got really bored one day so I decided to write some silly story about zombie slaying.

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