Winning Big

June 6, 2012
By Hudson Barnhart BRONZE, Wenatchee, Washington
Hudson Barnhart BRONZE, Wenatchee, Washington
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All my life I have always wanted to see what it was actually like to be famous for even one day. All the lights and cameras on you putting you in the spotlight at all times. Having the money, power, respect, and everything else that could but you into a category of being successful. Not a worry in the world, but what to do with your time. They say it never gets old, but I don't think it would be a life I would really not want to live. Consistently being inspected and looked at under a microscope at every single move you make. When all you really want to do is just live you life like any other person, but instead you have to live the life everyone dreams of having. Is that life really as good as it looks?

I was headed to work down Highway 26, stuck in traffic and moving slower than I have ever seen it before. I had just recently taken a job at a law firm doing some internship before I continued to law school. Anyone else in my position would die to take the job I got. It was one of the most well known and prestigious law firms across the country. I knew that all I had to do was get through the summer intern job and I would have a great advantage on my application to my dream school, UW Law. The road had been backed up 20 miles, and I needed to only go another exit down to get off the highway. It had been raining all day, and it was hard for me to see the road. All the sudden I heard a loud bang and felt my car start to drive weird. I looked in my rear view mirror to see my tire half off the rim, slapping around like a rag doll. I thought to myself that is was just my luck to get a flat tire this close to my work and not make it. I pulled over as soon as I could to get out and inspect the damage. The tire was in pieces all down the road, and my rim almost eaten up by the asphalt road. Standing out in the rain getting drenched in my suit, I could not picture anything getting worse until it did. As I looked at incoming traffic I noticed a construction truck coming at a good pace. I look at the truck and then looked at where I was standing and realized I would be safe where I was. At the last minute I looked down at the road, to see a pile of muddy water sitting right in the path of the truck. It was too late, and I could not move out of the way. The truck went exactly where I didn't want it too, and sprayed mud all over me. At this point I truly was convinced that it could not get worse. So I begin to go on with my business and continued on with changing my tire. After an hour I got it all swapped out and was on my way to work.

As I walked into work drenched in muddy water the first person I see was my boss standing there waiting for me. When I was walking from my car I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach, but when I saw him that feeling got 100 times worse. The look on his face was one that I wished I never would have to see. He was one of the most intimidating lawyers around, so to get on his bad side was my worst nightmare.

“Why are you so late?” he asked. As I froze up in side I had trouble putting the words together to tell him, “I had some car problems sir.”

“ Where is the report?” he asked. My heart stopped and I went cold inside. It was then when I realized why I didn't feel complete. It was my briefcase, where did I put my briefcase I asked myself? I then realized I had used my briefcase as a shield from the rain when I first looked at my car. I could just picture it sitting there beside the highway with the report I needed inside. This boss did not give second chances. He fired me on the spot and my dream internship was over.

I still had hope once I got fired and decided to go back and look for the briefcase, and give him the report still hoping he would rehire me. When I got back to the place I broke down I could see my briefcase sitting there still as I drove up. I reached to grab the briefcase and realized how soaked it was. As I looked inside I could smell the scent of ink, my report had been completely wet and unable to read. My chances of getting my job back are crushed. There was nothing for me to do at all about it. With so much anger I threw my briefcase up the highway hillside. Watching it land I looked and saw a highway billboard that was advertising the Mega-million lottery. Tonight was the night when they picked the lucky numbers to win the all time high jackpot of 500 million dollars. I just laughed and thought to myself how unlikely it would be for me to win that on a day so crummy like this one I have had.

With my luck being so down, there was nothing that could get worse so the least I could do would be to try and turn my luck around with buying a lotto ticket. So I talked into the closest gas station and bought my first ever lotto ticket. I had no idea what numbers to pick so I just went with some random numbers that came to my mind first. Losing one more time for the day would not do much more to me, so I didn't get my hopes up too much. The next morning I woke up to my alarm clock for work, but then I realized that I didn't have a job anymore. It was just another reminder about how bad I messed up and nothing could be done about it. Then I realized that I had one thing to look forward too, my lotto ticket.

Opening the door to grab the newspaper, I saw on the front page of the newspaper a picture of my old boss on the front page. The headline was about him getting arrested for breaking the law. I knew that this would change his reputation and cause him to lose many clients. As I continued to read I looked off on the side column of the newspaper and saw that the lotto numbers where posted. I went a grabbed my ticket to match the numbers. I had won, each of my numbers matched. The 500 million was mine. Going from the worst day to the best day ever was one of the best feelings I have ever had. The next day I was on the front page of the newspaper with my big win. Everyone wanting an interview, and asking for my story. The fame got annoying very fast, and I just wished I could escape from the media, and everyone else asking for something. People I didn't even have close connections to all of the sudden wanting to be friends. The win had changed my life in many ways, and in some ways I wish I wouldn’t have won at all. They say money does change a lot of things, but the first thing I told myself was never let the money change me. Even with a big win like this I will always stay true to myself, and never let it change me as a person.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this story because it is fun to read a story that has to do with luck, and karma. When you go from having the worst day, to the best day of your life you get a felling that is hard to put into words. After reading this story it really gives you a perspective on how quickly things can change.

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