Crystal Ball

June 5, 2012
By BeHappy242 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
BeHappy242 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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“Sir!” Frank barged in and shoved today’s newspaper in the senator’s face. “Chad, it’s her, in The Times!” he yelled. Senator Chad looked at the paper with disgust, “thank you that will be all.” He said calmly, nodding Frank away; Frank backed away and shut the door. The senator looked around the room, at the flags behind him, and the mess on his desk. How dare she show her face again? This must mean something big is out there, he thought in a rage. He stood up and threw the lamp that was on his desk at the door. It shattered with a crash. He picked up the phone and dialed. “She back,” he barked and then slammed the phone down.
She looked at the thin, black box. It was so simple. There was a crash from the hallway. She quickly shut the door and hung the gaudy picture back up over the safe, while hastily sliding the black box into her purse. The door opened behind her. “Hey what are you doing?” a large man in a suit roared at her. She tucked a blond lock behind her ear and sighed. She stared at the panting for a moment, white teeth gleaming as she turned around.

“I didn’t think this was the bathroom, who would put such a-an awful picture in the restroom!” she burst out laughing and stumbled towards the man. “I’m sorry I just drank so much and now I need the bathroom!”
“Oh… ok here. let’s go find you a place to, um lay down.” His arm out stretched for her hand. She stumbled into his had grabbing tight. She grabbed his forearm with her other hand and twisted his arm until he fell to his knees. She kneed him in the face. He fell to the ground face down. She picked up the man and dragged him behind the desk. Fixing her dress she carefully made her way out of the mansion.
She entered the thick brush, headed for the cave in the distance. She could hear the sirens behind her. If only they knew, she thought. As she entered the dark damp cave, the sirens began to faded away. She jogged a few feet in and slid back a discolored rock, revealing a doorway. After placing the rock back in front of doorway she ran up the lit pathway and entered a large cavern. In the middle of the cavern there was a funny looking man with wire rimmed glasses, and stringy hair in a lab coat typing on a computer.
“Ah! Good, Sam you’re back!” The funny looking man shouted, the computer screen gleaming off his glasses. “How did it go?” The woman held up the small black box.
“No worries Filbert. I went in and out with no problems.” Sam smiled as she opened the box. “What a beautiful necklace, I can’t imagine how this resurfaced after thousands of years of being lost to the world.” Filbert came up to her and grabbed the box with the necklace.
“Yes beautiful, it’s so you look good as its strangles you. These things just come out of the blue sometimes.”
“But this is the third one just this week! Something big is happening.”
“Oh nonsense, you have just been off too long. This city has really gone downhill since you left.”
“You know I couldn’t stay. Besides I’m back now.” Filbert went up to the cold stone wall and pushed it. A door and a scanner appeared. He scanned his eye and it opened, he went inside. Sam left to change out of her dress. She hated going to theses fancy parties with all the wealth of the city; it made her feel so out of place. At least Filbert was here keeping her on her toes, and always finding her work.
“You did get back just in time.” Filbert yelled to her from the room. “I’ve got another relic for you to find, I know you just got back but this one is much too dangerous to just let float around out there.” Filbert shuffled to his computer and started tapping around. “It is said to have been stolen from an old soothsayer around the time of the European Dark Ages. It’s said that in order to trick her clientele into believing her she cast a spell on this crystal ball.” He projected a picture on to the cave wall. It was black and white the two people in it looked solemn and one was holding a ball of glass. “That is the crystal ball,” he said pointing to the glass ball. “The spell which this witch cast on it is said to be something like our modern day hypnosis. She gets you to gazes at it, she says her magical words, and then you are stuck under her control.”
Filbert put up a picture of two young men; they had smiles ear to ear and they both gazed into the glass ball, one with his hands in the air looking as if he was telling the others fortune. “Well these two numb skulls are the descendants of the two who stole the artifact. They found it in the ones attic and decided to post about all over the internet. Within 24 hours, it was stolen.” Sam shook her head, and grinned.
“Well where is it now then? “ Filbert pulled up a map, and zoomed in to a small area in Russia.
“According to my sources it was taking by a woman named Jacinda, she is keeping it in her mansion, in Yessey, Russia.”
“Alright then let’s go.”
“Not so fast. I’ve got some things for you.” Filbert wandered over to the wall opposite them and knocked on the damp wall. The wall flipped out, reveling all kinds of weapons. “I just made this one, it is a ball that you throw at the ground or wall or something and a kind of fog will be released. This dense fog will be impossible to see through, unless, of course, you have these glasses.” He picked up a pair of what looked like sunglasses and put them into a backpack. “Then you’ve got your grappling hook, and knives, you know the usual. I think you should take this just in case.” He handed her a small pistol.
“No, Filbert you know how I feel about guns.”
“I know, impersonal, unnecessary, and then the whole trigger happy thing… but I do think that this calls for it just in case.”
There was a large crash on the small cavern door. Sam pulled a butterfly knife out of her pocket flipping it open. Filbert closed up the weaponry and pulled up the security camera on his laptop.
“Um…. Sam” Sam continued to sneak towards the door. Leaning up ageist it she grabbed the handle. “Sam! Samantha!” Filbert yelled. She gave filbert a sharp look, knife at the ready.
“Sam it’s ok, I have one more thing I forgot to tell you about.” The door opened. Sam grabbed the hand that was on the handle. She pulled his arm, next thing he knew he was on the ground.
“Sam meet Derik, my nephew, I thought you could use some help on this mission so I asked him to come out.” The man on the floor got up and brushed the dirt off of his shorts and t-shirt. His dark hair was covered in dirt he shook his head, an attempt to remove the dirt.
“Oh- no, this is not going to work. Filbert… I work alone and you know that. I am not going to bring your nephew along.”
“Look Sam, I’m doing this with your best interest in mind.”
“No, Sam look, I know what happened, and it was unfortunate, but Derek is trained, and learns quickly. You too will have each other’s backs.” Derik stuck out his hand for Sam to shake it.
“Hi-ya I’m Derik Revakosky.” She ignored his hand, and looked at Filbert.
“Oh come on, I can do this alone.” She looked at him, knife still in her hand.
“Sam I would feel better, if you would just take him along, if anything, he will be able to go get you coffee and something to eat.
“I’m just here to help.” His blue eyes glared at her, filling her with an anger.
“Fine!” She said sternly, “But don’t get in my way and don’t try to do anything you can’t do.” She looked angrily at Filbert, “can you give a call to Mr. Weston, he owes me one, and I think that will be our best ride out.”

Sam jumped out of the airplane, her sandy hair sticking strait up; she fell out of the sky like it was second nature. At the last moment she pulled the chute and glided out of the night sky onto the damp dark ground. She landed right outside a large mansion home surrounded by a tall black fence. Derik, fell out of the sky behind her landing right in a large oak tree. Sam shook her head and continued down the road Derik following close behind. How incompetent, I don’t understand why Filbert thought he could help me. They approached the gate it was open; they slid inside careful not to touch anything. They approached the tall dark doors when two voices approached from the other side. Sam jumped off the stoop and pressed herself up agents the vine covered stone wall. Derik followed her leaning in too close for comfort.

“…Thank you for your time, I will get back to you on the price.” Jacinda said shaking the man’s hand. He turned and walked out to the Mercedes convertible in the drive way. Jacinda closed the door set the alarm, and headed up the grand staircase inside. Sam pushed derrick away, looking at him harshly. Sam grabbed a hold of the vines behind her and began to climb to the open window about two stories up. She climbed inside, and helped derrick up the ledge.
“Can’t you do anything on your own? Useless, stupid…”She mumbled under her breath.
“Hmmm?” Derik looked at her. She ignored him. They both ran out of the room onto a balcony overlooking a garden.

The small garden was full of odd, sculptures and plants. In the center of the garden there was a small pedestal with a glass ball on it. Sam grabbed her grappling hook out of her back pack and hooked it to the ceiling. She lowered herself to the ground, letting Derik figure out his own way down. She tip-toed up to the boundaries of the garden, as she got close the plants began to hiss. She backed away from the garden when a large crash came through the skylight above. Glass fell to the floor like rain. She dove under the balcony in order to not get hit from the falling glass. Many masked people lowered themselves into the mansion. One man, un-masked lowered himself in the middle of the garden, holding a sprayer that let out a green grass. The plants around him died, He lowered himself next to the glass ball.

“You!” Sam yelled stunned. Immediately grabbing her knife, she could feel her blood boiling.

“Ah, Samantha my dear how good to see you. How’s the family?” he picked up the crystal ball and placed it in his bag. “I’d love to stay and chat but things to do a world to take over, you know.” Sam ran up to the garden and the plants snapped at her feet. The masked people around her began to close in. She ran for the stares to try and cut him off his rope. The masked people around her began shooting at her. She was ruining as fat as she could, stabbing people on her way up the stairs. One masked man at the bottom of the steps pulled out a sword. She ran up to the suit of armor, at the opposite end of the staircase. She pulled the sword out of its hand. She watched from below as Chad ran out of sight. Angrily she looked at the man prepared to fight.
“Behind you!” Derik yelled from the top of the stair case. He pulled his gun from its holster and shot over Sam’s shoulder. A masked man fell to the ground. Well the man was distracted Sam stabbed the sword through his chest. She ran up the steps to find Chad, but he was gone.

Frustrated she looked at Derik and then back to where the crystal ball had been. “Damn it!”

“Damn it! How the hell did he know about this! How did he find me? God, I hate him!” Sam yelled, pacing and throwing knives at a target panted on a wall in the cavern. Derik sat behind her, watching her in a daze.
“Ummm… Sam it’s not your fault you know. He is a good tracker… umm…” Filbert mumbled.
Sam glared at him. “Filbert, that is no excuse. I should be better!” She let out a large sigh and continued throwing knives. Filbert slugged back to his computer.
“How do you know him?” Derik spoke up.
“What?” Sam looked at him startled.
“You knew his name, and he asked about your family how do you know him?” Sam’s eyes glazed over, she looked away from Derik’s blue gaze.
“He was my last partner,” she mumbled. “Or friend, more of a friend I would say. I was born an army brat it was just me and my dad for as long as I can remember. Then Chad was the son of a general based in South Dakota. We were about seventeen, trying to figure out what life was about, both seeing the marines as the only chose. That’s the way we were born and raised so it just made since. We were on a mission in Iraq; our camp site was being bombed. I stayed he said he was going to go and warn my father, our commanding officer at the time.” Sam took out her knives again and started throwing them at the target on the wall again. Growing angrier she was raising her voice. “Well he didn’t warn him, he got the hell out of there and left the rest of us to fend for ourselves. My dad died that day.” Sam’s hands dropped to her sides. A tear ran down her cheek.
“Right…. Well why don’t I go make some tea.” Filbert scurried off.
“Filbert found me and he’s been like a second father to me, taught me stuff and gets me theses jobs.” Derek walked up to Sam, and wrapped his arms around her. She pushed him off of her.
“I’m fine, we need to fix this we cannot let, this trader, get any further with his plans.” Derek backed up and smiled.
“Alright I’m in. What can I do to help? I just have one question for you, how would he have the power to use this ball anyway? Who would listen to him? ” Filbert scurried back in just in time to answer the question.
“Ah dear nephew you never were much for politics. This Chad man is one of our beloved senators.”
Sam burst through the doors of Chads home. “Get out here you coward!” she yelled into the many hallways of the home. Her voice echoed off the marble stare case.

“Alright no reason to be rude, I’m right here.” Chad appeared from behind a large pillar. “I’d love to sit and chat but again got things to do.” Chad pulled out the crystal ball. “Look deep into it.” Sam closed her eyes, but the feeling was so strong she wanted to look, she longed to look. Sam dropped her back pack and blindly rummaged around for the glasses and smoke bomb. She chucked it at a pillar, as it shattered a large amount of dense smoke filled the air.

Derik waited for this signal, and apparently so was Chads army of masked men. Derik rushed through the door with a pair of goggles on and the masked men came from the halls. The dense fog filled the air. Gun shots rang out though the hall. Sam could see Chad run down the marble staircase. She ran to catch him. He stumbled down the staircase. Using the railing as a guide he had one hand on the crystal ball. One of the masked men bumped into him.

The crystal hit the ground and was rolling around Sam saw it. She picked it up and ran the opposite direction. The masked men were running back into the rooms they came out of. The fog was clearing and she took of her goggles. She couldn’t see Chad or Derik.

“Sam look out!” Derik was ruing towards her. Sam turned around. Chad was behind her pointing a gun at her head. He pulled the trigger. The bullet plunged into Derik’s chest. His limp body fell to the ground. Instinctively Sam pulled a knife from her pocket and flung it right into Chads chest. He fell to the ground.

“Derik! Are you ok?” Sam shook his shoulder there was no answer. She checked his pulse he was dead. He took a built for me she thought. She held his limp body in her arms as tears ran down her face.

“Citizens of New York, I give you Sam X.” The crowd cheered as Sam walked forward. “This assumed criminal is who we have to thank for bringing in one of this city’s most dangerous criminals. We present this award…..” Who would have thought that the FBI was on to Chad’s plans the whole time? Sam thought smiling to herself. Sam let out a sigh of relief as she looked out into the crowd of cheering people.

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