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June 5, 2012
By heffalump BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
heffalump BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Dear Mom,

Summer camp is great! Except for one thing, no one believes me that dinosaurs aren’t extinct, and that there just in hiding and all the people that kiss up to the camp counselors are bullying me calling me dino girl. But you should know that this summer I proved my theory about dinosaurs. For you see I found a baby dinosaur and not just any dinosaur, a velociraptor one of the most vicious dinosaurs ever and the smallest, and fastest. But actually there wrong velociraptor’s are sweet and kind. Oh I almost forgot the boys who think there jocks are attacking all the dinosaurs. So I can’t find its mother. So that’s a bit of a problem because you don’t know what will happen if it’s away from his mother to long. I named him blue just to refer to him. When I told the dinosaur expert at camp that there friendly he said “if you ever come close to one to run or it would tear me into a million pieces”. So now I feel like it’s me against the world.

Its day 5 of the war, and no one’s allowed to leave their cabins but I ventured out with blue and went into the woods to find its mother. But when I did she said to keep him safe until the war ended. Now he’s hiding under my bed and I don’t know what to do. But I am going to protect him and end this nonsense. Now I know that every one hear is incredibly stubborn and won’t listen to reason (or is incapable of it) but I have to try.


Dear mom,

Ok I have a plan, but it’s outrageous and a bit farfetched. The plan is to find a fairy that isn’t afraid of big magic. Blue keeps telling me about how dangerous they are but I have to try. Then I need to persuade the fairy to change everyone’s point of view on the dinosaur. But when I did find her she said I would need to perform 5 tasks and find another person who thinks the same about the dinosaurs. The first task was to find a horse that could go faster than the speed of sound. Then I started thinking of roman mythology there was a horse named Arion that could go that fast. But according to legend only one could ride it. And hopefully I’m that one if not it’s going to be hard to catch it. But when I turned around there were three horses the fairy said “chose wisely, if you are the one who shall end this, you will know which one is the right horse.” So of course I chose the ugliest one. But I was right.

The next task was to find an apple whose insides were rotten and again when I turned around again I saw three apples I choose the one with the worst smell. Then she simply smiled and said “pick a friend who will believe you!” again I look behind me and there are three people. Two bullies and a nerd, one of the bullies had deep blue eyes and had a scar the size of a CD, the other had a clean hair cut and hazelnut eyes. The nerd had huge glasses, dyed purple hair and an “I heart chocolate shirt”. I chose the one with the scar and the fairy was surprised, not because I had chosen wrong but because I was right. No one had ever chosen the right person before because they always choose the nerd. The fairy said I have proved myself and that I didn’t have to perform the other tasks. She gave me a pot, an onion to show layers, sugar to be sweet, and a flame (kept in a bottle) to represent the war. She had said something about finding the right place and time to bring everything together.

I decided to get to the place I had found blue, also I decided to do it at sunset also known as the magic hour. The bully actually was bullied for the same reason as me and when the war started he got a lot of powers like controlling fire, strength, and the ability to communicate with all life. The most surprising was that he wasn’t a bully and got that scar standing up to the other guy that was bullying the nerd; he’s very kind and not a bully at all. The sun started going down and the clouds were laced with orange, pink, red and blue peeking through them. It was marvelous and gorgeous it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We almost forgot to do the ritual thing. We poured sugar into the the jar of fire, and it said “that tastes good but it’s not right yet it’s too ordinary and predictable.” So then we added the onion and it said “that’s tangy but not there yet.” So I put the scale that fell off of blue and put it in. then a message appeared in the sky saying that some thing big would happen giving us the opportunity to prove it.

What I didn’t expect was that we didn’t have to do anything. There was a meteor coming down on earth every one was freaking out, except the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs also had a plan they knew that the meteor wouldn’t hurt them but it would hurt them but it would hurt the humans so they stood over the humans who were firing rockets at them still. But when they realized what the dinosaurs were doing they stopped and mended there wounds and bruises. The war had ended; the fairy came back and told us that we had caused the meteor. Blue got returned to his mom. No body bullied me after that because I knew before them.



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