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June 4, 2012
By Crishellexoxo BRONZE, Sydney, Other
Crishellexoxo BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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"Its never to late to try... never give up"

I'm sitting here... waiting... now i know, this is where my destiny lies...
I've been abandoned as a young girl, left to survive with a man, i don't know his name, all i know is that i was put here for a reason, a purpose, but first i need to survive. Were stuck in this house til' its safe to go out, there are soldiers roaming around in our streets, we've been hiding out until it ends, its been going on for years, ever since i could remember. I am now 16, and i'm still waiting to escape so i can fufil my destiny. Im staring at the man while a finger comb my long dark brown hair. He is just sitting there staring into space, all i know is that he is my guide, someone to protect me throughout my journey.
There is a war, between all countries, but how can i fufill my destiny, when there are soldiers roaming around and when i step out the door, i'll be shot instantly, what will i do then.
I remember when i was innocent, young, I wanted to have that fairytale ending and fall in love, but thats a sacrifice i have to make, its not a rule or anything, but the man has taught me that love always gets in the way, but maybe... one day, when i finish what i was put here for... maybe i could, fall in love, but now it is something that may never happen.
It is now midnight, and the man has fallen asleep, i crawl up to the little space in the roof to peer out of the little hole that lies there, to look at the real world, its been destroyed by this war that has lasted ever since i could remember. Soldiers are in walking the streets covered in bullets and guns and there are tractors taking the dead bodies away. I pray for them, trying to live their lives properly but couldn't because they were restricted and not in control. It makes me wonder who else is out there, i come here every night and see this happen again and again, is there anyone left?
I go back down and plump myself on to the couch. It is now 3am, and im starting to drift off to sleep, but then i hear this high pitch screaming which seem so close, i wonder what it is.. I'm trying to fight my heavy eyelids from closing shut... but i fail.

My body shot up, i am now woken from this terrible nightmare, maybe not a nightmare, but i reminder of what i couldn't have. I have a chance to clear my mind, the never ending of the tears coming out my eyes won't stop, it has to... before he wakes up.
My destiny is a secret, and maybe to you as well, you just have to find out...

The author's comments:
I started writing and a story just popped into my mind. If i have alot of people liking this, i will probably extend it to a point that its a novel.

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