My Journey: A Balloon Like Me

May 29, 2012
By allie23 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
allie23 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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I was taken away from a fair by a little girl named Macy. We skipped down a path. We went in a bouncy house. We were having a great time, but then she let me go. I went high up in the Sky. So here I am today Telling you about my journey across the world and tell what happened to a balloon like me.

Macy let me go in Cedarburg, A wonderful little town in southeastern Wisconsin. From their, I traveled west to Iowa. In Iowa it was the best weather eve, 80° and sunny. As I was floating around above that fine state I saw kids splashing around in pools having a jolly old time.

Over night I floated farther over the Mississippi river and boy is that river LONG! As I was traveling I met up with a sand hill crane. He was a friendly bird. We had a conversation about camels which is weird because we were in Kansas. he had to go eventually, so I just floated right along through another night. The stars were beautiful and I wish they could have Stayed forever! The sun rose over the Colorado mountains and I wish that I had arms and a camera to take a picture of the beautiful scene. Through the day it got very windy! I was swooping up and down through the mountains, my heart would race because you do not know how close I was to trees that could pop me! But, I got past them and went into Arizona. There was no wind and I was drifting along smoothly but deflating fast which means I am really close to cactuss! A balloon’s worst enemy! Plus Arizona has snakes, lots of snakes. With fangs, Sharp fangs!!!!!!

When I reached Arizona I had a bad feeling that this would be my death bed because of all of those sharp things. So far Arizona has been good. I think seeing Macy’s friend Patrick smith’s grandparents made my day a lot better. Then all of a sudden, a HUGE gust of wind blows me into a patch of cactuss. I zoom under, above and through them but my nightmare wasn’t over…a snake family was just ahead. Sadly one snake thought I was a mouse and bit me. It hurt! Down, down, down I fell and was left there as a little piece of stretched out plastic.

as I sit there I see a piece of paper come drifting along. It landed right next to me so I read it…

My balloon was red
My balloon was round
My balloon was big
My balloon is no where to be found

He was at a fair
Under a tent
Surrounded by people
At some strawberry event

That’s when I took him
Took him away
Away from that event
but would never see him another day

oh my gosh, could it be! Macy wrote a poem about me! I would never know but I loved my life and would never trade it for another!

The author's comments:
This is about a balloon who traveled across the USA!

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