Black Ice

May 25, 2012
By Mitsukuni BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Mitsukuni BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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A place filled with magic and peace isn’t always the best place to live. A magical forest with cute and friendly animals surrounded the entire town. It was a beautiful place filled with sunshine every single day. You wouldn’t expect anything bad happen here... or would you?

The 3 elders kept the town in peace. They were the ones who began the village, without them, there wouldn’t be Maganta, and Maganta wouldn’t be such a great place for the elves and animals…

“What’s happening?” asked Mickey.

“ I don’t know, but it’s not good!” exclaimed Melissa as she was running towards the Elder’s to ask them what’s wrong.

There was a dark, grey cloud forming with lightning flashing and thunder booming. Soon it began to snow. It hasn’t snowed in Maganta in over one hundred years. It was not like any snow though, it was black and filled with dark powers.

“Everyone meet at the townhall!” commanded the three elders, but it was too late, once snow touched the elves, they were frozen like an ice cube. Yet it was different for the animals, those cute, friendly creatures, the elves knew so well, became angry beasts that destroyed everything in their path. Their eyes turned as red as blood, looking as if possessed by an evil sprit.

“This must be the power of the Black Mage,” the Elder of Life stated. “Long ago, before we even brought the elves to this town, we were under the control of the Black Mage and had helped him destroy the homes of the innocent citizens in other towns. We had no idea of why he would even do such a thing, but as days passed by, we were tired of his commands and finally escaped from him. He must be back for revenge, to curse us all.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?” asked Michelle.

“Yes, there is. I need you and Mickey to go to the Black Mage’s castle near the Black Forest in Kuronomori, but be careful, there are all types of creatures taken over by his power.”

“We will use all of our remaining powers to put the town to sleep, but once we do that, it will take us a long time to heal,” said the Elder of Magic.

“Hurry up! We can’t wait any longer, these dark powers are becoming stronger and stronger,” commanded the Elder of War.

“The faith of Maganta is in your hands,” said the Elder of Life as she handed both of them a bow powered by a magical ore. “The ore represents your strength, the more you train, the brighter and stronger the power of the ore will become, and so will you.”

The ore was dull and looked like any other rock you could find on the ground.

Mickey and Michelle both took the bow and began their life as a traveler. It was hard to leave the town they had both grown up in, not knowing if they will ever return, but they had to, the future of Maganta was in their hands.

Training wasn’t something easy, especially since they didn’t have anyone to guide them in the right direction. Everyday, Mickey and Michelle had to wake up at dawn to travel further and further into the forest. On their way to Kuronomori, they met many people who had the same exact goal as them, defeat the Black Mage.

One of them was a demon named Akuma. He had deep red hair with purple highlights. On his face was a very unique scar; he said it was one of the many things the Black Mage has left for him, along with the loss of his entire family, he is the only demon left in the entire universe. The most special thing about Akuma though was that he had wings. His wings were like the ones of a fire-breathing dragon, and when opened, they could probably cover an entire village!

They became friends and traveled together, on their way to defeat the Black Mage…

“Look out!” shouted Akuma as he ran towards the beast.

“What? Where?” questioned Michelle.

“Behind you!” exclaimed Mickey.

SLASH and Akuma slashed through the balrog using his blood-soaked katara that had already touched the flesh of many more beasts like this one.

“Thanks a lot,” replied Michelle. “I almost died there.

“No problem.”

“I can feel a type of power... similar to the one we felt at home?,” Michelle said scratching her head in a confused way.

“Well if you noticed earlier, WE HAD MADE IT TO THE BLACK MAGE’S CASTLE!” shouted Mickey.

“We are? Yes!!! We are finally here,” answered Michelle.

The castle walls were covered in poison ivy. It seemed to be have abandoned for many years.

When they finally crossed the drawbridge, there was a set of dried bones sitting there with tiny little insects crawling all over it.

“If you want to enter, you must defeat me first,” said a mysterious voice. Before they knew it, out flew a fire-breathing dragon.

“F-fa-fa-father? Is that you? I thought the Black Mage took your life that day?” Akuma said in an shaking tone. A river started coming down his face.

“I don’t think he’s your father anymore Akuma, he doesn’t seem to even recognize you,” Michelle interrupted.

“I think she’s right, he looks like one of those creatures that were possessed by Black Mage’s power,” Mickey added.

“But how... how is my father still alive?” Akuma argued.

“He’s not your father anymore! He’s one of the Black Mage’s tools!” Michelle yelled.

She took out her bow and shot the dragon directly in the heart. The door opened like the dragon said it would.

Akuma was stoned. He didn’t move one bit, you couldn’t even hear him breathing. Momentarily, Akuma charged at Michelle with his blood-soaked katara. Within a second, Mickey shot his bow at Akuma, “No one does that to my sister!”

Without another word, Akuma dropped to the ground with blood flowing out of his chest, dead.

Michelle and Mickey walked through the door in silence. The halls were dark without end. Throughout the place laid skeletons of all creatures, from elves to griffins.

“Which hall should we go through, there’s like one hundred halls here,” asked Mickey.

“I believe we should enter here since there’s a sign that says ‘Black Mage’s Room,’” replied Michelle.

The place was filled with cobwebs and even more remains of creatures.


“What was that?!” yelled Michelle.

“Don’t worry, they’re just rats,” replied Mickey.

“Ra…ra….ra…rats?! EEEK!!!,” she screamed. “They are the most disgusting things in the entire world!”

“Ugh, it’s no big deal, just keep on moving, they’re not even bothering you,” replied Mickey in annoyance.

They kept on walking, but suddenly the hall lighted up.

“Welcome to my castle,” said a dark voice. “I have waited a long time for you two. I heard that you wanted to defeat me, but that’ll never happen. MWAHAHAHA!”

“Come out now and let’s have a battle for all of the things you have done to Maganta and everyone else!” commanded Mickey.

There was a sudden darkness, but then a bright blue portal began to form and out came the Black Mage. He wasn’t like anything the two of them have ever seen. In fact, you could barely even see him. He was like a shadow filled with misfortune and sadness.

“Let’s go Michelle, let’s battle him together!” announced Mickey.

“MWAHAHAHAHA, did I just hear that you wanted to defeat me? Well let me tell you, that will never happen!”
“Let’s teach him a lesson Mickey.”
“You got that right.”
They both took out their bows with the magical ore inside of it. The ore is glowing brighter than ever and their bodies started to glow as well.
“With all of this magic, we can defeat him for sure!” Mickey said with confidence.
With that said, they both launched their bows multiple times towards the Black Mage with all the power they had.

FLASH. Everything became pitch black.

“Wake up Mickey, wake up Michelle,” said a familiar voice, “you are back in Maganta, you’ve done it, you had saved our world from the Black Mage.”
When they opened their eyes, they were glowing like the ones of the cute, friendly animals that had been touched by the snow. “Or have we?” spoke a crucial voice that sounded nothing like Mickey and Michelle’s. They were unlike the Mickey and Michelle the town had known, they are now bodies possessed by the Black Mage.

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