Chicken and Homework

May 22, 2012
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I focus on the clock, the only thing louder than my heartbeat.
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Ti-
“James Bell! Where is your homework?!” Mr Wayne roared.
It felt colder all of a sudden, a lot colder.
But everyones eyes turned towards the person in front of me, a blond, pale male about my age.

He was sitting nervously, but as his name was called, he quickly stood, knocking his desk aside.
But no one laughed, no one even gave the thought of laughing, we all know what Mr. Wayne would do if he caught us sniggering, and it wasn’t pleasant.

James hastily took out his 5-page report from his tattered bag and marched awkwardly towards the scowling Mr. Wayne. As he reached the old, wooden desk, Mr. Wayne gave him a smile, a smile that would of fitted a shark, and snatched the immaculate report of his slightly trembling hands.

Mr. Wayne proceeded to read the first page of the report, his predator eyes scanning every inch of the paper, daring for a mistake to appear. Then with a happy snort, he grabbed his trademark crimson-red permanent marker and scribbled the sinister “F” on the top right hand of the sheet, confirming a lunchtime detention, after school detention and the infamous clean-the-toilet duty, also as an added touch, double the amount of homework for the night. With a tearful eye and drooping face, James got back to his seat, put his desk back properly and sobbed quietly.

I felt bad for the guy, he was the first student on the roll and already Mr “The Shark” Wayne has already gotten a victim. It didn’t look good. The best I can hope for is that my homework is passab-. I gulp. My sheet isn’t there! Its not in my bag! I search through my bag again, rubbing my hands across the whole area. I gulp again. Oh well, Im screwed.

In despair, I cover my head with my hands. Today is my birthday, and with birthdays comes presents, spending money and especially my mum’s special roast chicken. Ahh...I can’t remember the last time I ate such a divine meal, such an exquisite taste-crispy golden skin, delectable, full-flavoured drumsticks.. all while still smoking hot from the oven. I lick my lips in anticipation. I have made my decision. I will get home in time and eat that chicken even if it’s the last thing I do!

With determination burning in my heart, I look around, desperate to find something that can get me out of this firing range.
“Sarah Sea! Where’s your homework?!” Mr Wayne screamed
“My bag was wet an- and my homework got wet so- so”
“So you didn’t do it then.....well TOO BAD! DETENTION!”
I felt bad for Sarah, but she gave me an idea. I look at the fire alarm(which is to my left) and smile deviously. An idea has just formed in my head, but I will need a distraction...

I glance to my right, where my best friend is trying to complete his homework. I can tell by the amount what he’s written that it’s futile, “The Shark” would probably just rip his hastily written work apart and give him a big, fat F. I quickly scribbled a note on a ripped piece of paper and chucked it on his desk. He looked at me quizzically and opened the note. His ignorant look turned into one of shock then into a grin. He gave me a thumbs up and put his hand up.

“What is it Tom?!” Mr. Wayne shouted.
“Sir, could you draw one of the fish that you got in the weekend? I can’t really believe you got a fish that big...” asked Tom, faking politeness.
Mr. Wayne’s well known habit is to boast about everything and anything. Especially the sizes of the fish that he “caught” in the weekend.
“OF COURSE I DID! Here let me draw it for you!”
As he got up from his bulging backside and started to draw a circle covering the entire white board, I realized it was my time to act.

Its now or never! I got up, grab my bag, leap to the alarm and smash it on. For a moment nothing happened, and my heart flipped. But then a hysterical ringing sound erupted and a hail of rain cascaded the class as the water fire sprinklers did their job. Chaos exploded as all my classmates try to push their way into the hallway, before they got well and truly soaked.

Before I left, I took one last look at Mr. Wayne. His legs were flailing above the ground as his soaked lower body was still in the class and his upper body was on the other side of the window, it seemed like he tried to “soar” thru the window but got stuck half-way. I laugh and ran out into freedom. Chicken, here I come!

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