The Cold War Crisis

May 6, 2012
By , Overland Park, KS
The last thing I remember was driving back to the US Embassy, when my car was hit from the side. I rolled off the road and passed out. Now as I opened my eyes I could tell this wasn't a hospital. Looking around the room I could see several men standing in the corner talking. I tried to make out what they were saying, but my headache was impairing me from thinking straight.

“?? ?? ????,” (He is awake) shouted one of the guards.

The door flew open and in walked a man. “Ahh,Felix Leiter, the most renown spy in the world.” I could smell the vodka on his breath. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, too bad your life is going to be short lived. That is unless you have the information I need.”

“Are you crazy? You’re the last person I’m going to tell anything to.” I said.

“Call me Vladimir, Vladimir Korchinski. We have ways of making you talk.”

A man walked in behind him holding a car battery and jumper cables. As Vladimir turned around I spat in his face.

“You shouldn’t have done that. ?????!” (Kill him!) Then, I blacked out after taking a blow to the face from the butt of a gun.

I awoke to find myself being escorted through the compound. Soon we came to a door. As the guard opened the door, the light from outside blinded me. As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I saw what was to be my fate. A noose was hanging from a wooden structure. On top of the platform stood two guards, ready to watch my demise. Including the guard behind me, there were three guards, I was doomed. I was able to get my hands free as they placed the rope around my neck. Quickly, I kicked one of the guards in the back of the leg causing him to collapse. I was able to get his gun before he completely fell to the floor. It only took three shots to kill them, The first two to the heart and the third soldier took a bullet to the head. Then I heard the sound of shuffling feet as the door behind me swung open, two men came out shooting. As swiftly as the first guards met their death, they did too.

Soon, sirens started to wail as I plotted my escape. I took off in an all out sprint as a small platoon of Soviet soldiers came around the vehicle in front of me. Aiming my gun at one of the soldiers, I shot off a round. Unfortunately, I missed him by just a few inches. However, it was enough to catch him off guard, because my second shot was going straight for his head. After gunning down one more soldier, my gun made the dreaded “click” sound; I was out of ammo. Without hesitation the four remaining men charged at me. The first guard threw a punch to my face, but I blocked it and broke his arm. Simultaneously two more men threw punches and kicks at me, only to have them countered and used against them. The last guard laughed with a crooked smile as he pulled out a knife. The first swing was for my lower abdomen and I was able to dodge it, but I wasn’t so lucky with the second attack. He lunged for my leg, stabbing the knife into my thigh. I fell to the ground as he came in for a second stab. This time he cut me along my torso. With my good leg I was able to kick the knife out of his hand. Then, immediately following the kick, I elbowed him across the face knocking him out.

About fifty yards away I could see a car with two guards sitting in the front seat. I could barely walk so this was a problem. I picked up the knife that the soldier had dropped and staggered my way to the car. The guards must have been deep in conversation because they didn’t notice me until it was too late. On my way out, I saw three large nuclear warheads set to strike upon an unsuspecting country in a matter of minutes. I knew America would be on the top of the list.

After escaping the clutches of Vladimir and his troops, I was able to make it to the US embassy. Once there, I reported to the President on what I had seen. He told me to use any means necessary to take out those missiles. I knew this would be the challenging mission I would ever receive.

Twelve hours later I was parachuting just one mile away from the base, with two other men Dave Greenwalt and Jack Wade. We safely made it to the ground without attracting much attention. We could see a group of men coming our way, three or four guards and few dogs. Stealthily, we hid in the bushes and waited to ambush the men. We quickly gunned down the dogs and all four of the men with our silenced pistols, making sure not to get any blood on the uniforms of the men. Then, we removed the uniforms of the soldiers and hid the bodies in a nearby bush.

Thirty minutes later we were in the base and I knew the bodies hadn't been found yet. We slowly crept our way to the command center. Trying not to arouse any suspicion we went in the back of the building. Once inside we found our way to the launch room. We were about to de-armed the missile when Vladimir walked in and shot Dave through the heart.

“I told you that you were going to pay Felix, and now America has to go down with you.” Chuckled Vladimir.

As several men came into the room I knew my time was up. That was until, Jack unloaded every last round he had into the men in the doorway. He hit everyone, but was also struck by a bullet and he fell to the ground in a heap. Now, I was all alone as I heard the foot steps of guards running down the hall. Just before they reached the room, I was able to lock it down. Inside, I could hear pounding on the door as the guards tried to get in. Over and over in my head I keep replaying my options. Only one came to my mind. I knew it was wrong. I knew it would start World War 3, but it was my only option and it had to happen.

I programmed the missiles to land on the three largest army bases in Russia, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. Seconds after I launched the missiles, I felt gun shots wisp by my head. Then things went black, but this time I never did awake.

Some where back in the United States...

“This is just in, The Soviet Union has been attacked by three nuclear missiles. Right now the attacker is unknown. Please remain inside, it looks like World War 3 is about to start.”

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