May 2, 2012
By marinophan BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
marinophan BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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Nightfall came, and the military’s base shut its doors completely. The two guards standing at the gates, weapons in their hands, patrolled the building. The patrol troops marched around the perimeter, preventing anyone from getting inside the base. Each of them held a pistol, and they were ordered to kill any trespasser upon sight. Giant beams of light, being emitted from spotlights, watched over the base, moving in every way, trying to locate any unwelcomed guests.

200 meters from the base, the bushes rustled, and a figure dressed in black swiftly moved towards the road leading to the base. Still undetected, he began to crawl up to the road. He was right next to the checkpoint now, the location where trucks were checked upon entrance. The garage-like structure was still a good distance away from the base. Only one guard was stationed at the check point, which was an obvious mistake. The figure got up now, crouching behind a wall. Only a few feet away from his target, he slowly drew out a P-99, and he attached a silencer to the tip. He peeked out from behind the wall, and he snapped the gun up, shooting a single bullet. The bullet entered the guard’s head at a tremendous speed, killing him upon impact. Still crouching, the figure grabbed the guard by his collar and dragged him behind a wall.

Five minutes later, the guard’s body was dressed in black, and the figure was dressed in the Russian guard’s uniform. The figure picked up the AK-47 the guard had strapped to his back. He buried the P-99 deep in his pocket, and he aimed the machine gun at the guard’s face. He shot ten bullets, and when he finished, he yelled a few Russian words to the other guards at the base. “It’s an imposter! Get over here now!”

The jeep exploded out of the gate, tearing its way down the road. It stopped next to the checkpoint. The driver and the figure who was dressed as a guard had a short conversation, and the body was brought into the back of the jeep. The figure dressed as a guard walked towards the base. He stepped through the gate without a problem. He knew exactly where to go. He made his way to the prison section of the base. He found cell F-16. He unlocked the lock.

“Get up,” the figure said. On the ground, a man was curled into a ball, bruised and beaten. He looked up. “What did you tell them,” said the ‘guard.’
“Nothing. Not yet,” whispered the man.
“Good.” The ‘guard’ pulled the P-99 out of his pocket. He raised the gun and pulled the trigger.

Two hours later, the real guards came down to get the prisoner in cell block F-16. The alarm was raised, but there was no reason. The assassin was long gone, and he cleaned up after himself. The bullet had been removed from the prisoners head, and all signs of an intruder had been erased. Except the dead guard. The dead guard was still at the checkpoint. That was the only mistake the assassin made. Now, they could trace him.

The assassin swiftly darted through the forest, quietly but swiftly. He hid the AK-47 behind a tree, covering it with a net of leaves. He made his way to the bay, and he began to wade in. He swam for twenty five minutes exactly, and then he stopped. And waited. The submarine silently surfaced, and the assassin entered the top. The submarine submerged, and the assassin was gone.

The search for the assassin had begun. The FSS had started to trace the uniform on the guard. They had found a few broken twigs by the forest, and they followed the path of ruptured plants and branches. They stopped when they saw a suspicious pile of leaves. Under it was an AK-47. They were now on the trail of the assassin. A little farther into the woods, they came to a bay. With a few words spoken very quietly, the FSS entered the water. They knew where the assassin was within minutes. Now it was a matter of getting to him.

The assassin was almost back to his organizations base. He only had five miles to go when he heard something behind him. He turned around, and water rushed into the command center of the submarine. The assassin was hit with so much water that he was dead when he hit the glass of the submarine. The FSS had finished the job, their trackers finding the submarine with no problem, and their hunters destroying it. The FSS was hiding something from the world. The FSS was almost ready to reveal it.

Diagnostics were being run in the Pentagon. Scans of the submarine were underway at Vauxhall Cross. The DGSE were pinpointing the course of the submarine. The news that the world’s most feared killer had been traced and disposed of with ease was more than scary. It was horrific. No one knew who was behind it. The world only knew two facts. The assassin had entered Russia late at night on April 29th, and he left that same night. Early morning on April 30th, his submarine was flooded. All of the military powers in the world were working together in the United Nations meeting to try and find out who was responsible for killing him. The FSS was there. The FSS was waiting. The cue was coming, and soon the siege would be underway. The perfect setup had already occurred. Russia was done waiting, and now was the time to strike.

At 12:37 p.m., an attack was conducted on the United Nations main building. Security agents rushed to the entrances, and the technology crew sealed off the entrances. Even though the country’s leaders inside thought they were safe, they were wrong. The steel doors that blocked the entrance could keep most people out of the building. But these weren’t people. The FSS had hired genetic engineers for this job. These things, creatures, used to be people. But not anymore. Now they were military saviors. Humanity was one of the things lacking from their unmistakable bodies. They were unbeatable. No technology on the face of the planet could destroy them. Except for one item obtained by the United States in 1947. Only one object on the planet scared the FSS. They needed to get to the item before the US could contact the scientists. Only the scientists could use it, and only they knew how to get into the room. The FSS’s creations were closing in on the United Nations headquarters. They smashed through the doors, charging down the hallway. They knew where to go. They stopped at the very end, shattered the wooden door, and entered the board room. The world leaders stared at the monsters swarming into the room. Twenty-five beasts lined up on the wall. The Russian president stood up and walked over to them. He turned to face the world, and he spoke.

“Boys, this is the future. Well, Russia’s future, anyway. Not yours.” He stepped to the side, and the fiends lunged forward. They grabbed the world leaders with their enormous hands. They began to squeeze tighter and tighter, crushing the bones of the men in their hands. Then they let go. Their assignment was done. The world leaders fell to the ground, every bone in their body broken. They were alive, but severely injured. They couldn’t move, let alone speak. The Russian president walked swiftly out of the room, and his loyal servants followed. They had a new assignment now. Find Area 51. And then destroy it.

The author's comments:
This piece has a little mystery, fantasy, and action in it. I hope you enjoy it. More to come soon.

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