"Cloud Of Smoke"

May 22, 2012
By Mike12509 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Mike12509 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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Boom! Boom! Crash!

“Whoa that’s so cool Arthur! We can’t believe you have magic powers!” Ethan and Joe screamed, while jumping up and down inside the low ceiling tree house they all built together.

“Yeah, I can barely believe it myself, but I don’t understand how I couldn’t figure this out earlier,” Arthur said surprised as he felt the power flow through him.

Meanwhile, at the Museum Of Natural History, the most powerful and magical artifact has been taken by the world’s most evil, darkest, and powerful wizard. The Dark Wizard, Charles.

“Hey Ethan, Arthur, did you see the news last night?” Joe asked eagerly as they walked to school together.

“No, why?” the two friends questioned at the same time, anxious to find out what had happened.

“Someone with magical powers broke into the Museum Of Natural History, and stole the world’s most powerful and magical artifact. He is probably going to use it to take over the world, or worse destroy the Earth!” Joe whispered nervously expecting the world to end.

“I bet that it was the Dark Wizard Charles!” Arthur exclaimed as a chill shot up his spine just by mentioning his name.

“You’re right!” Joe cautiously whispered with a scared expression on his face.

Boom! The walls collapsed around me as debris hit me in the face and knocked me down onto the cold wooden floor. “What’s going on?” I whispered to myself nervously. Wondering what might happen after one of the walls of the tree house collapsed on top of me. A cloud of smoke filled the air, my throat started to dry up. A cold chill shot up my spine.

“It is I, the Dark Wizard Charles!” he shouted as his voice echoed around the tree house causing my ears to hurt.

“What do you want with me?” I asked. I was so scared, I wished that I wasn’t in the tree house by myself.

“I have to get rid of you so my plan to destroy the world can be completed with no interference from you and your magic powers, without you realizing I have sent your friends to the underworld and now you’re next!

As I crawled trying to get away from him, I felt the corner of the wooden tree house hit my spine. Then, suddenly before my eyes a blue bubble picks me up, my body started to tingle. Suddenly, I was unconscious on a pile of skeletons. When I gained consciousness I stood up and the bones of the skeletons started to crack. Crack! Snap! I look around and see two people tied up right next to each other, struggling and defenseless from the fierce monster. The monster had razor sharp teeth and claws, which made him going to be hard to beat.

“I’ll save you!” I yelled running to save the two tied up people. I shot a fireball at the fierce monster. He ate the fireball. “Burrrppp!” Then I heard a loud crack. The fierce monster shot it right back at me. I dove on to the hard muddy ground avoiding the blast of fire. Then I froze the monster with a freeze spell and untied my two best friends.

“Lets get out of here, before the Dark Wizard takes over the world,” I exclaimed running to the portal that brings you back to Earth.

“Boom!” the ground shook, knocking Ethan, Joe, and I onto the ground.

“Ow my shoulder,” Ethan moaned.

“Dragons!” I shouted diving out of the way of their fire breath. I shot a lightning bolt at both the dragons. BOOM! I saw the bones of the dragons fly up and land in the bottomless pit beside me.

As I jumped into the portal my body tingles and next thing I knew I was in the Dark Wizard’s lair. I looked to my left, I saw the skeletons of people that had been imprisoned by the Dark Wizard. I stare to my right, I see the whole wall covered with medieval weapons. I looked up and saw ancient symbols and paintings on the wall. Once we found the door to get out we opened it. Creek! As the door opened, the Dark Wizard and his skeleton army were at the door waiting for us. His army of skeletons pulled out their swords and grabbed us. Ethan struggled and get out and as the Dark Wizard was trying to drain my powers the world went black, and I had less and less magic powers. As I was passed out Ethan had escaped and was battling the Dark Wizard. With him distracted he stopped draining me and I fell onto the cold tiles. I zapped the Dark Wizard with a lightning bolt and we went into a battle. I turned my head to the left and saw Joe holding the stolen magical artifact. He tossed it to me.

“You’ll never destroy the Earth!” I shouted, scared on what can happen to me and my friends.

A rush of energy came through my body. As the rush flowed to my hands, I couldn’t control my own body. The artifact had control over my body and now had complete control of me. As my magic powers combined with the artifact, it shot out of my body. Heading straight for the Dark Wizard. The world went black. As I woke up Ethan and Joe helped me up.

“What happened, did I faint?” I asked questioning what just happened.

“You fainted and killed the Dark Wizard!” Ethan shouted running over to make sure that the Dark Wizard Charles still had no pulse.

“He has no pulse, Arthur you saved the world!” Ethan exclaimed surprised that his friend killed the Dark Wizard.

It was all over I had killed the Dark Wizard and returned the artifact.

The author's comments:
Arthur a boy who discovers a special power that will change his life forever and Arthur will face the biggest challenge of his life.

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