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May 22, 2012
By michael paisley BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
michael paisley BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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The world wasn’t always this way. The world once was a peaceful and calm place to live. Well it was until the country of Com came to be.

Com is what was formerly called Russia, about 65 years ago. There was a secret organization of communist that took over Russia and its nuclear warheads. They threatened to destroy North America and any country that wished to help it. America had no nukes because of a deal we had made with China to get out of debt.

From 2013-2015, America was giving a majority of its biggest exports to Com. It was the year 2016 where a man named Captain Markes constructed a rebellion army. From 2016-2019, Captain Markes and his rebellion troops fought against Com. Com had enough with the pathetic war and sent 100,842 Nuclear War heads our way. This was more than double the required amount to level the Continent .

The aftermath of the bombs only left a handful of people alive. That number began to decrease due to how toxic the air was. Five years after the bombs the air became non-toxic, but it was too late. Many of the survivors were either dead, had cancer, or some deformation. In the year 2069, Com started to colonize the eastern seaboard. To ensure that none of the waste-landers would get in the way of their colonizing, they sent out mutated animals.

The animals ranged from wolves that had tripled in size to birds whose main purpose in life was to eat any and all vegetation, which makes my job as a farmer even more difficult.

My name is Rick Becktail. I am 35 years old. I don’t have any family except my dog bucky. I live in a valley. I felt this location would be the safest from the animals because the only way to get over the solid rock walls of the valley is to fly. None of the vicious animals have the capability of flight.

It is the year 2078. I have been raised in the wastelands my entire life. When I was 26 my, family was attacked by one of the mutant creatures called a boom cat. They are a mutational mixture of a mountain lion and a wolf. They are the deadliest of all the mammal predators. They have enough jaw strength to crush your femur into dust.

My family and I were living in at a old air force base in south dakota . We were preparing to leave by plane to get to canada. Word was that there was a colony of people beginning to form. Two other families were coming with us to strive in the new colony. We were in the middle of preparing the plane when we heard a loud screech. Two men from another family went to investigate. My father and I soon followed.

The sight we saw can never be erased from my mind. Three children (my sister and two boys from another family) laid butchered on the ground. Then, all of a sudden, a creature lunged and killed one of the two men. As soon as the other could pull out his colt .45, the creature lunged for him. It wrapped its massive mouth over his head and squeezed, crushing his head.

My father and I began to run away. The creature ran passed us and burst into one of the other family’s houses. The screams of the people inside still haunt me. When my father and I reached my mother, we ran for the plane. I thought we were going to make it until I heard the scream of my mother . My father immediately turned around to save her, but the boom cat got hold of his neck with its teeth and ripped.My father fell to the ground dead . I pulled my knife out and lunged at the creature.

It jumped to the side and then tore a chunk out of my arm. I slashed at it with my knife and cut off its ear. Blood began to cover its face giving it zero visibility. The creature slashed at my stomach with its claws. To counteract the beast, I swung at its foot with my knife cutting off its two last toes. I kicked at its face and then ran to the plane.

The beast was right on my heels when I was running. I was able to turn around and cut its nose to slow it down. I grabbed the door handle of the small aircraft and swung the door open. The boom cat lunged at me but I was able to close the door before it could claw at me again.

I started up the plain and began my flight , leaving the abomination on the ground. I soon discovered two new problems. Due to the injury on my arm I was losing a lot of blood. The other was the fact that I didn’t know how to land planes. I set the plane on autopilot so I could give attention to my arm. When I was done dressing my injury I started to hear a beeping. I looked at the gauges to discover that the plane had ran out of fuel and I was dropping out of the sky. I grabbed the controls and began pulling it up for an attempted landing, but before I could make a bit of change the plane was sliding down a mountainside. The plane’s bottom was giving way, and before I knew it, I had no floor. I was standing on the seat and decided to make one great last stand. I grabbed the handle and lifted it up. The plane jerked up in the air a began to fly. This soon stopped and I started to free fall once again.

I was thrown to the back of the plane due to the amount of air pushing me. I heard a loud bang and everything went black. When I awoke I was in the middle of a valley. That Is how I discovered my new home. The valley had lots of greenery which made it easy to farm.

I constructed a hut out of the plane remains. There was a lot of cargo within the plane. It provided me with A rifle and a double action revolver. some food, and clothes. It also gave me Bucky. He was a puppy when I found him in a kennel that was in the plane’s cockpit.

I loved everything about the valley. It provides me with food and water. There are fifty five acres of land, so I have plenty of space. It is also very safe... well it was until I found what I did today.

Bucky had awoken me this morning with non-stop barking. I went to investigate. I had almost walk to the end of the valley when I had found something strange. It seemed as if something had climbed over the wall. The reason I thought that was because there were scratch marks on the wall and small pieces of rock below it.

I decided that the best Idea was to go to the wet mud that surrounded the pond to see if I could find footprints. On my way to the pond I discovered broken twigs and smashed leaves. Once I reached the pond I looked for more evidence. It is what I found there that scared me. A footprint about the size of my face. I could tell that it belonged to a Boom cat. But there was something else about the print that scared me. The two last toes were missing...

The author's comments:
I love the terminator soga and I also loved the Hunger Games, so I decided to some what mix the two.

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