The Bear

May 22, 2012
By Thomas McCann BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
Thomas McCann BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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In the jungle the trees look like cascading canopy’s of green bleeding into the horizon. Three brothers Googly, Oogly, and Boogly were native to this jungle. Their skin was dark brown baked from the sun. The brothers awoke to the calm sound of a nearby river and the sweet melody of the rainbow colored parrots. The air was thick and a light breeze made the tree limbs dance. As usual the brothers needed some food to fill up their pot belly’s, So they began their search .
Googly the oldest of the brothers led the group at age 18 followed by Oogly who was 14 then by Boogly at 10. After hours of walking they stumbled upon a small cave. They saw a luscious pile of blueberry’s but it was sitting in front of a black bear that was taking a nap. Being the good brothers that they are Googly and Oogly made Boogly go get the berries. He slowly crept up to the pile making sure to not wake the beast. All of them triumphantly devoured the berries but little did they know the bear had their scent. The un-suspecting brothers retreated to a giant oak tree in order to relax and digest the feast. They were all satisfied and slowly drifted off to sleep but this time when they wake up it wouldn’t be as pleasant.
The parrots that once sang beautiful songs now screeched in terror as they heard the thunderous roar of the bear. The three brothers were shocked to see the massive beast at the bottom of the tree. This caused Googly to jump in fear and plummet down. As soon as Googly landed on the hard earth the creature lifted its stump like limb and brought it down right across Googly’s face ripping his flesh clean off. Oogly and Boogly couldn’t do anything besides watch in terror as the bear ate their brother’s guts. Now that Googly was dead the bear turned his sights to the other two as it started to climb the tree.
Boogly who was smaller and more agile than Oogly made his way higher up. Oogly tried to climb higher too but he was much more, bigger than Boogly so the branch he was standing on gave out. Oogly tumbled painfully down to a lower branch right in front of the still enraged bear. Revenge in mind the bear smacked him off of the branch causing him to hit the ground with a sickening thud. The monster wasn’t through yet it did a belly flop from where it was perched intended for Oogly’s torso. The belly flop hit its mark running into Oogly like a freight train, crushing his ribs. The bear sentenced him to the same fate as his brother and ate Oogly.
Boogly the lone survivor had run away as his brother was eaten and the bear lost sight of him. Boogly couldn’t continue living in the jungle without his brothers so he decided to seek out civilization. He was eventually adopted by a nice suburban couple and for a while lived in peace. But 20 years later he decided to become a zookeeper to try and find a love for animals again that the bear took away from him. Boogly didn’t know that some of the animals in the zoo where taken from the jungle he used to live in. On his first day he went into the bear cage to feed them slabs of meat. All the bears except for the largest and most furious looking one ate the meat. This particular bear seemed more interested in turning Boogly into a slab of meat. The bear made eye contact with Boogly and he instantly knew it was the bear that turned his brothers into lunch. Before he could even move the bear lunged forward Grabbing Boogly’s arm with its strong jaw. Boogly couldn’t escape the grasp of the razor sharp teeth and with one swift motion his arm was ripped off. Blood now stained the glass enclosure and the little kids spectating screamed in horror. The bear then proceeded to rip Boogly apart and eventually eat him just like his brothers.

The bear later escaped the zoo by digging under the cage and returning to the forest. He could now eat all the berries he wanted without them being stolen by the thieving brothers. Perhaps if they hadn’t been so greedy they would still be here today. The bear then ruled the forest for the rest of his days and died happy and full.

The author's comments:
its about three brothers and a bear.

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