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May 21, 2012
By redneck_haman BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
redneck_haman BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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The year is 2019, July 4th. Its 0800 hours on the roof top of a old run down buildin in the middle of the dessert in Afghanistan. Our target is Boshiciebob a head member of the towel ban. I got the feel of my bolt action L115A3, the same type of gun that got the worlds’ longest kill with in military history. I got my right eye to my scope lookin cross my mile radius.
My brother Jud is next to me spottin my shots I take and the range of m targets. I am trained to stay still and stock my pry. We are the hunters of men and take the lives of men that try to stop us. We are a team, We are family, We are snipers.
To get my shot were I need. I haved to figure out the windage and the drop of my bullet at each distance it goes. It begins to rain and then in the sky I see blue and red streaks soar through the night sky and hear the thunder roll. But we stay in position and this storm is only givin me a 400 yard sight radius of visibility.
Our target is 5’9 weights about 160 pounds and darker with a ragged silver and white beard, with raggedy old yellowish white cloths. It’s been a few hours the heavy rain has passed and by the time I look through my scope it’s already dry from the heat. Now its 5am next day suns just climbin up, winds about 2mph see a south east maraje
I look to the left and hear Jud whisper “target 600 yard and closing”. We call command they give us the shot but we got to take out all three. So I draw my cross hairs on the front left tire. Now he’s 400 yards so I move my hairs one click down and 2 clicks to the left and say “Ready”. Jud says “Fire…Fire…Fire” and then on the 3rd Fire you see a explosion and the truck lost its tire and rolls, the engine starts to burn and hits the gas and blows. There were 3 bodies on the road from when it rolled. 2 were dead but the 3rd body wasn’t and was slowly burnin alive and he stubbles up and starts to walk so I put the cross hairs on his head and within less a second you see the body drop and loses its head.
Jud calls command to conform the death so we can get the h*ll out of here. But I see 4 trucks 6 men a truck. All I have is 20 shells but 20 men to shoot so I haved to make every shot count.
The enemy starts goin at us and I’m happy I got my spotter and our 2nd dairy weapons, so if we need a fire fight there will be one. So every shot I took I hear Jud say “hit”. I start to move a little bit and Jud says “Crap there’s another whole wave of them the same time. Comin at us now so we pull out our semiautomatics and then team shoot were we fire at
Its wave after wave. We call command for reinforcements and then Jud said “They’ll be here in 30 man so we’ll haved to hold these guys down”. So we start to hold them down and we remember we have 2 claymores rigged up at the front door of this buildin and a 30 pound log chain lockin the door. We also have grenades to so we throw one off and BOOM! You can see men fly high with that it took out 6 of them.
They all start to go down but more just keep comin at us. Time the 4th wave hits us our bird finally gets here to help us out and get us out. So when the bird finally gets here you see the gunner shoot and hit everyone down there and everythang but it hast to land so the pilot makes a landin spot by shootin a missile at a group of people. Time we get down the stairs and through the door more men come and freakin shot the bird down so now we haved to get the men and get another bird and clear this area out.
So when we fight our way to the bird we grab the men, and get all the guns, and ammo in there. We get back to the buildin and rerig the door so if they try comin in they’ll be blown into a whole another world. When we get to the top the pilot Scotty said “This is what h*ll must feel like because all u feel right now is heat and pain.
But with the ammo we grabbed out of the bird we got more ammo for my rifle and 2nd dairy gun. But Derik the gunner grabbed the 50. And put it on the window below us and his partner is with him shootin out the other window beside him. By the time the next bird gets here I have one more shot for my rifle and I know there is one more guy out there and when the bird lands I see him about 250 yards out on a balcony and draw my cross hairs on his chest I haved to hurry because he has a RPG and will shoot the bird so I shoot and then you see him fall and blood splatter on the wall and I feel relief and we all load up in the bird and start to head back to base.
When we arrive at base and the general talks to us and tell us we can go home now and we will receive the Medal of Honor and the Jud will get the Purple Heart from bein shot in the right shoulder. I don’t need a medal to tell me what I’ve done. I’m just glad I got out of there alive and my brother did to. I’m just ready to go home and see our family and tell my story to my kids and to their kids. We are a team, We are a family, We are snipers, We are the hunters of men and now we are home to live our lives and live as long as we can together as brothers nothin else.

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bout 2 brother sniper team that fights in afganastan

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