the secret of blood part two

May 19, 2012
By ShawnaL BRONZE, West Newton, Pennsylvania
ShawnaL BRONZE, West Newton, Pennsylvania
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P.O.V-Jane a.k.a Blood

The sound of the gun filled the air around me. Then everything turned black. I couldn't see anything, but i could hear; sadly. CRASH! CRASH! BOOM! "Miss? Miss? Are you okay miss?" a girl's scared voice appeared. "Oh lord. Please, please be okay." her voice prayed. I slowly opened my eyes. "Thank you! oh, thank you! thank god you're alright." a girl with tears streaming down her face started to appear from a big blur. "My-my arm!" i whimpered. She looked at my arm to see a bullet sticking half way out of it. "Just pull it..." i started. " just pull it out." A guys voice said from the main street. A cute boy with brown hair, blue eyes, and the sweetest face ever came out from around the corner. "David? Is that you?" The girl asked. "No, its the sandman. Boo!" he said sarcastically. "Ha, ha that's so.. funny" she said, also sarcastically. "What are you doing here, Jess?" He asked her. "I could ask you the same thing."she said fully serious. "uh, i hate to interrupt but could you, maybe, help me?" I asked still laying on the cold ground in pain. "Oh, yeah! I'm so sorry!" she said bringing her attention back to me. she slowly pulled the bullet from my arm, finally. Then she did the same for the one in my stomach. "Oh." David said taking off his sweat shirt. he tore a part of his white undershirt off and wrapped it around my arm. Then he handed me his sweat shirt and told me to put it on. "Thanks" I said trying not to look at his abs. "No problem." He said with a smile. "David has a crush!" Jess said in a mumbling tone wile holding back a laugh. "Well nice to meet you, David; Jess. I said to both of them. "I really have to leave now. You two might want to as well." i said pausing before i continued. "How do you know each other again?" I finally asked. "He's my brother." Jess said as David started to cough. It wasn't a real cough. It was one of those "excuse me?" coughs. "fine! hes my adopted brother. are you happy now?" she asked angrily and disappointed. "Yes" He said with an adorable smile. "Lets go Jess. Mom's Ganna be angry." He said "Its gonna be funny." he mumbled after. he slowly became less cute. Hes so mean to his sister. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jessica. you can call me Jess though." she said sticking out her hand. "I'm...." I said as i started to think. " i can be completely different here. I don't have to be the popular, cheerleader. I don't have to always smile. I can be whoever i want to be." I Thought. then i remembered when i was little, About seven years old. i had five noise bleeds in one day. After that my dad called 'Blood'. I've always loved that name. "Blood. my name is Blood." I said with a serious face. Jess grabbed my hand and shook it. "JESS!" David yelled. "I'm sorry, but i have to go.If you'd like i can walk you to the hospital. its on the way." she told me. "No, ill be fine. thank you." I said with a fake smile. As i walked home i couldn't help but think about what i said. "Bite me!" i repeated. "why would i say that? whats wrong with me?" i thought. as soon as i climbed back to the top of my garage the pains in my stomach and arm returned. I abruptly woke up in my bed. i looked down to realize i was still warring David's sweat shirt. I couldn't feel any pain. "am i dead?" i asked myself. i lifted my shirt to see no wounds or even a mark on my body. Next thing i know all i hear is Kat scream. "NO! She's not dead! Shes sleeping!" her voice filled with sadness. I slowly walked down the stairs. "Who's dead?" i asked afraid of the answer. "Jane!" Kat screamed with joy, and trying to clear her tears. "Whats wrong?" i asked. My step mom walked in and looked as if she saw a ghost. she soon fainted, again. "But- but how?"
my dad asked still with tears in his eyes. "How what?! Who died!?" i asked now getting angry. "You did. don't you remember?" Kat asked oddly seriously.

The author's comments:
its the second part to the secret of blood part one so i sugjest you read that one first.

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on Mar. 10 2014 at 8:30 am
ScarlettJ. DIAMOND, West Newton, Pennsylvania
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hey Shawna! I finally found you on here. This is awesome!


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