A weapon exchanged

May 13, 2012
By milan calloway BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
milan calloway BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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He sat in the Duck and Bunny cafe with his trench coat pulled up so his face was mostly covered. He had long ,dark hair, purple eyes and a handsome face.
He was trembling with a porcelain coffee cup,sipping nervously as he checked his watch. The time read 3:12. Laedin was supposed to meet Aziel with the most prized possession of all time. Aziel would exchange him the golden ocarina,a flute-like instrument which would summon the mystical creatures from the Black forest .The wizards at the next table over sensed his nervousness with their aura and shifted uncomfortably. Then the door to the sleepy, dusty cafe creaked open. Then the sketchiest guy in their known world staggered in . One leg was a limp slab of flesh,dragging across the floor in a fluid motion. . His hair was long and unkempt. His skin was scaly and covered with mysterious markings.. His eyes had a dangerous and conniving glint in them. He walked and peered around the room with every step. No one with the exception of Laedin noticed him and Laedin quickly grabbed his briefcase and set it on the table gingerly. Aziel grunted at the sight of him and hobbled past him to the counter where he ordered a pink frosted cupcake with confetti sprinkles and apple juice . He smiled gleefully when he received his order and sat in the chair across from Laedin. Laedin cleared his throat and started to stammer “Um,uh ...”Well, I think we should get started with this er,um what should we call this”? .Aziel glanced at him for a moment and began to shovel his cupcake into his mouth.Laedin wanted to point out that his cupcake wasn't going anywhere ,but then he reconsidered it . Aziel wiped his mouth and took a swig of apple juice. “Business transaction”he grumbled. He noticed that Laedin seemed nervous ,but something else he couldnt put his finger on. He put the nagging feeling in the back of his mind. “Well Do you have it”?Laedin asked abruptly. Aziel pulled a silk drawstring bag out of his coat pocket. Laedin grabbed the briefcase and began to unlock the combination on it. Both men were stealing glances at the other cafe patrons,which there were very few of . Aziel pulled out a small wand and cast a concealment spell over both of them. It would block everyone else from seeing their exchange. Laedin smirked when he finally unlocked the briefcase . 'You go first 'growled Aziel. “Im not putting up with any trickery from you.
“Touche” said Laedin with a smirk. That nagging feeling that Aziel had earlier was coming back. If anything happened, he could take this kid on.Laedin opened the briefcase and unwrapped the cloth covering the prized possession. Aziel gasped. It was Shima,the Sword of the End . It was not only a weapon,but also a transporter. You could make a portal to one of the other worlds and destroy another world at the same time. It was about 12 and a half inches long and the handle was covered in jewels . Aziel reached for the sword ,but laedin pulled it away. 'Where's the Ocarina?Aziel sighed and undid the drawstring bag. Inside was the ocarina . If you played certain tunes,you could go back in time as far back as you wanted.Laedin handed over the sword as Aziel handed him the ocarina. He looked at the sword carefully and noticed a small indentation on the blade . It was looked like serial numbers! The sword was a fake! thought Aziel. “Why you little- as Aziel reached for his dagger,a smoke bomb went off. He couldn't see anything .He looked around fruitlessly for that bastard Laedin. When the smoke cleared, Laedin ,the briefcase and his drawstring bag were gone .A few streets and a alley away,Laedin was sitting on the rooftop examining his treasures. He praised his acting skills and the array of gadgets he acquired. He took out the false bottom of the briefcase and pulled out the real Shima. He and his associates who called themselves the Oran,had stolen it from the elves from the Gates of Eldan ,a forest high up in the mountains which supposedly holds the most sacred treasures in Lydia,one of the only populated worlds left in the galaxy. He was glad that Aziel didn't have it.He was probably going to come looking for him though. That would be fun. I could try out Xena on him,thought Laedin. He checked his watch. It was 4:05. It had been a long day. Laedin decided that a cat nap would be in order.He slowly closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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