Olli the Owl

May 7, 2012
By B.Bridges BRONZE, Cowpens, South Carolina
B.Bridges BRONZE, Cowpens, South Carolina
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There once was an owl named Olli. He was eight years old and had been alone for about four year. His family went missing after a horrible storm one day, four years ago. His family was his mom, his dad, and his little sister. He always would search for them the first year they were missing, then after that he gave up. He has been on his own now for four years, and by now he is used to taking care of himself. He is very strong and is always thankful. But now he can’t stand it any longer. He is off to find his family, the only thing that he is missing. He just wants to see them again.

So one day Olli had decided that today was today that he was going to start searching. It was a windy Sunday afternoon and it was almost dark outside. He was ready though. He packed his satchel with a big bottle of water, corn cornels, and some sunflower seeds. He put on his big heavy jacket in case it got really cold, even though he had about a million feathers on his back. So he took off to tell his best friend jewels what he was doing, then he left.

He didn’t want to go too far because he was thinking that they would be close to where they used to live. He searched all night. No luck so he went to sleep in the morning, he thought he would need the sleep for the next night.

But along the way he met a kangaroo named Kalli. She was a beautiful kangaroo; she had big brown eyes, light brown fur, and a long bushy tail. So they got to talking she told Olli that all her family had went away, that kangaroos are meant to be on there on. Their parents leave them when they’re just babies. They have too. He was torn and had a long and loud gasp. He thought that was so sad. He was glad that he finally found somebody he could actually relate to, even though her situation is much worse than his. Her parents are gone and it’s meant to be like that. His are just missing they didn’t leave him. He felt so bad that he hadn’t worked harder on this because he actually has parents that love and care about him, they just don’t know where each other is. And she doesn’t even have any family. His heart was broken, and then a tear came rolling down his face as they continued to talk about it. He said I have to find them know knowing your situation. I feel horrible. You would kill for a family, and I just lost mine. I need them. I will bring them back when I find them to meet you.

So he explored for forever it seems like and finally he came upon a long beautiful river and a turtle said hey there, yeah you! You look just like the owl family that lives in these woods. Olli said really? Do you know where I can find them? The turtle said yes, you see that big tall tree over there? That’s their home. Thank you Olli said. Olli was so happy he finally thought for once he found them. So he went to the big tall tree and there sat his mom, his dad, and his little sister. He was flying for joy. They already knew that it was Olli!!! They said. We’ve missed you so much, I have missed all of you too said Olli. I can’t believe I actually found ya’ll I have been looking forever. So they celebrated with joy and flew all around the place.

After celebrating Olli says to his parents, I have somebody I want ya’ll to meet, but we have to go to her land. Can we? Sure says his parents, who is it? Her name is Kalli the kangaroo. She is beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see her.

So they all went to their and met Kalli the kangaroo, and they all agreed that she was beautiful. Olli told his parents all about her story. And they were just about in to cry, it was a very sad moment. Then they went back to their regular home. Then they lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:
It would be a good childrens story.

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