The Rogue

May 12, 2012
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In a small alcove on the side of a building, a man wakes. As he stretches and opens his eyes he looks out at a major city. It’s so quiet for once, he thought, why can’t it always be like this?
Crap not again! Were the words going through his mind as he drew his blade and re-entered the building.
“I found him!” a man’s voice yelled.
“Good,” a much more familiar voice replied.
A silver haired man enters the room with ten armed men. “Well if it isn’t Saul? I’m surprised you chose to hide up here without an escape route.”

Saul had just re-entered the building and had his eyes locked on the man. “I’m surprised that you have a new squadron with you to track me down. I mean most of the last ones were alive when I left.”
“Orders Caesar sir?” one of the armored men interrupted.
“Capture or kill the Rogue of course.” Silver Caesar (as he was known in the army) replied.
“Capture or kill me? Silver Caesar is sending you on a death mission little soldier!” Saul taunted.

“How dare you…” the soldier’s voice was tight with anger, “Attack!”

Saul raised his sword and the soldiers tensed slightly. “After you fail Caesar will kill you himself.” Were his only words before he jumped out the window.

In the room the soldiers were shocked, not by Saul's jump but the truth of his words they were witnessing. In front of them Caesar, had already killed their captain.

“You,” he pointed at the soldier farthest to the right.

“Y-y-yes?” The soldier stammered in fear.

“What’s your name?”

“J-Jonathan s-sir.”

Congratulations Jonathan,” Caesar smiled a wicked grin, “you are the new captain of this squad. Disappoint me, well you know what happens.”

“Thank you sir,” Captain Jon replied, “what are our orders?”

“The same as always Captain capture or kill the Rogue.”

At the bottom of the building Saul was pulling his specially modified hover cycle from its hiding place. So much for it being quiet, he thought as he started to mount his bike.

“Hey are you all right!?” called a girl’s voice, “Hello?”

Crap, Saul thought, “I’m fine!” he yelled back.

Seconds later a black haired girl ran up to him, “I…huff…saw you…huff…fall.” She said obviously tired. “What…happened?”

“Huh? What do you mean what happened? I jumped of course.” Saul said, “Who are you?”

“You jumped?” her jaw dropped in disbelief.

“You didn’t answer the question…”

“Oh yeah, my name is Ella. What’s yours?” she replied.

“Saul. I’m sorry for worrying you but I have to leave.” He answered as he turned to get on his bike once again.

“Hey we found him!” the soldier from before yelled.

“That voice is starting to annoy me,” Saul muttered, “Ella, get behind me now!”

“Uhh, okay” Ella stated, surprised from his sudden order.

The soldiers entered the alleyway and once again Saul drew his sword.

“What are you waiting for? Attack him!” Captain John yelled to his squadron and in seconds Saul was under heavy pressure from the soldiers’ assorted weaponry of taser swords to metal staffs. Caught in the battle he didn’t notice a few of the soldiers had gotten behind him and were about to beat his head in ten different ways. After quickly finishing off the soldiers in front of him, he heard a soldier yell “what the heck is with this chick?!” and, he had to turn around.

Behind him Ella was holding her own against the soldiers bare handed, earning a grudging respect from Saul. When she finished the last soldier she looked up towards Saul and asked, “Hey… can I come with you? I think I may need to hide after this…”

Saul surprised by her obvious fighting skills simply replied, “Sure. Get on the back seat of my bike; we need to blow this place.”

On a derelict road encased with autumn leaves Saul and Ella are making camp. As they set up the insta-tents Saul inquires, “So… you know how to fight pretty well don’t you?”

“I used to train under Said-lee,” Ella explained, “at least until he died…”

“You were a student of the Said-lee!?” Saul exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes I was… but more importantly why are the feds chasing you?”

“It’s a long story…” Saul said thinking back, “basically I’m a Rogue.”

“You’re a Rogue? I thought there was only one still alive,” Ella remarked in surprise.

“There is only one Rogue alive,” Saul sighed. He was tired of people reacting like this when they find out who he was, and prepared for the routine questions.
“So you’re not just a Rogue, you’re THE Rogue. The one that alone has survived the massive killing of the rebel army and currently fights the one party hierarchy of our planet alone.”


“Sure you are…” Ella was slightly skeptical, “then where is your trademark 6 foot long red katana that can launch fireballs?”

“It’s hidden in the Bike, and the fireballs are a personal touch from my… abilities,” Saul grimaced slightly, “courtesy of the government testing.”

“Show me?”

“Sure…” Saul stood up walking toward his bike and he kicked it. By the time Ella also stood up to see the blade Saul had already began swirling it. “You ready for the ‘fireballs’ as you put it?”


“Here it goes,” Saul muttered as he swirled his sword faster and faster. In seconds the moved fast enough that anyone looking at it would only see a large red circle. As Ella squinted her eyes to see if Saul was really the one spinning it, a ball of flame leaped from the sword and into the road.

“Hope you liked the show,” Saul told her, “now I’m going to sleep.”

As the days past Ella and Saul became closer and closer, as one would when hiding from the government with someone else, causing Saul to consider showing her the one place that the government can’t get to. A place where they could stay safe together for as long as they want.

“Hey Ella…do you think we could umm” Saul struggled with the words for he had never been in any relationship before.

“Could what Saul?” she replied as she walked up to him.

“Well… I was wondering if you wanted…” Saul said while thinking, Just say it you fool!

“If I wanted what?” She asked quietly sensing what he was about to say.

“I found them!” a soldier’s voice called.

“Crap… how did they find us?” Saul muttered. They always show up at the worst time…

“SAUL! We have you surrounded so don’t even try to escape!” called a very familiar Caesar.

“Ella get ready for a fight,” Saul told her.

“Aren’t I always Saul?” She asked.

Caesar walked into the clearing that had been Ella and Saul’s current camp site. “Saul, how have you been? Enjoy your last few moments on the run? I do hope you know that the ‘Capture or kill’ orders have been revoked, now they’ve become eliminate at all costs.”

“Who gives two craps? I never planned on being caught anyways.” Saul countered, “Though I do have a question, how did you find us?”

Caesar laughed a dark cold laugh that caused even his own soldiers to shudder, “Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?”

At first a confused look appeared on Saul's face, and then he realized that Caesar was talking about Ella and what Caesar was suggesting. Turning towards Ella he saw the guilt on her face.

“You were a spy?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“Saul I’m sorry,” She began, “I had…”

But Saul didn’t listen, torn inside from what had occurred he hopped on his bike and rode straight through Caesar’s soldiers, batting them away with his regular sword. In his head the only thoughts were “Betrayed, I thought I could trust her, and how could this happen?”

When it seemed like he had gotten away he realized he had stopped on the same derelict road that he and Ella had first camped at. Sitting by a tree he held his trademark sword, waiting for Caesar and his soldiers to arrive.

For several days Saul sat, a broken man with only one purpose left. He sat there and waited for he knew Caesar was coming and that’s what he wanted. On the fifth day the call that had always bugged him came and for once he was glad to hear it.

“We found him!”

Surrounded once again Saul stood up and prepared his katana, I hope this was the right choice, were his only thoughts before he charged the soldiers. When Saul had fought before with his normal weapon the soldiers had often had a chance at victory if they all attacked him together, but with his trademark weapon they couldn’t get close. With an arm length of 2 ½ feet and his 6 foot blade hurling fire at them the best they could do was try to dodge his attacks. The ground around Saul was quickly bloodied with the blood of the soldiers and he called, “CAESAR! COME OUT HERE AND FIGHT ME!!!”

“No need to yell little Saul.” Caesar said as he came out of hiding. “I will gladly bring you down.”

Drawing his own 6 foot blade Silver Caesar prepared to attack Saul. I hope this was the right choice, was stilling going through Saul’s mind when the first clash of blades occurred. The two Swordsmen were equal in strength, when Saul went for an overhead slash; Caesar caught it with his blade. When Caesar went for a stab, Saul deflected it with his. Eventually they stood across each other in a clearing of trees that their blades had chopped down. Panting heavily Saul prepared for the next attack when he heard Caesar whistle three descending notes. Looking up, Saul hears a gunshot and feels something knock the air out of him and he fell to the ground.

Standing up Saul looked to see what happened, hearing Caesar curse all the way about someone screwing it up. On the ground laid Ella blood flowing from her body and a bullet wound in her chest.

Immediately understanding that Ella saved his life, Saul wondered the obvious question, why. But he also understood his situation, and a quick second he scooped up Ella and called to Caesar, “Sorry I can’t finish our fight today Caesar, but got something to do!”

Caesar, enraged by the obnoxiousness and possibility of letting Saul escape, yelled “OH NO YOU DON’T!!!!!!!!!” and ran straight at Saul ready to end his life. Saul no longer filled with anger, calmly parried Caesar's attack and stabbed him in the gut.

“H-h-how?” Caesar stammered surprised by how much stronger Saul seemed.

“Simple,” Saul remarked, “you endangered something precious to me, and that I cannot allow.”

As Caesar fell to the ground a soldier who had survived the horrid battle stared in fear at Saul. As Saul turned toward him he begged, “Please have mercy on me! Don’t kill me PLEASE!”

Saul said one thing to the soldier “Tell the feds that the Rogue will be causing them no more trouble and has left to live a peaceful life. Tell them that I want no part in this battle anymore.” Then he walked away, got on his bike with Ella tied down in the passenger seat, and left.

The Rogue as he was known was never heard of again. Some say that a mysterious man who gave no name had shown up at a hospital nearby with an injured woman. They say that he had a hover cycle and a red katana strapped to his back. These reports have never been confirmed and as time passed the Rogue, famous for his fighting skills, and his feats in battle slowly passed from history to myth, then myth to legend. They say that hidden somewhere a set of vast knowledge explains his story and his disappearance. But here is something you should know people of 2130, the events I tell you of happened at most 40 years ago. Meaning that somewhere the Rogue is probably still alive.

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