Fire & Ice (Book version- Sneak Peek)

May 9, 2012
By LeenaB GOLD, Hoover, Alabama
LeenaB GOLD, Hoover, Alabama
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I said as I tried to steady myself. I felt light as air, so light that I could fly away.

"Don't worry Hun, you'll get used to it." Said Maya, my helper.

"Have you seen yourself?" She asked.

"No. I want to though, badly."

"Come on."

She took my hand and pulled me to a mirror on the wall. She stood in front of me and smiled. Her violet eyes twinkled and I noticed that her lipstick macthed her eye color. I examined her lavender skin and then looked at mine. It's as white as pearls and smooth as silk.

"You ready?"


She slid to the left to reveal the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She had impossibly black hair that reached her collarbone. Her hand came up and brushed a piece away from her face. her nails were filed to make it look like she had claws. Her lips curved upward and parted to show a smile so perfect, it could be a sin.

Her eyes took me aback. Here irises were a pure topaz with a clear ring circling the rim of her pupil. Jagged clear colored lines ran through the topaz part of her eye to make it look like ice.

"You're absolutely gorgeous darling. I would die to look like you...How do you think Andrew's going too see you?"

"As a stranger. My voice doesn't even sound the same."

My voice was light and crisp, but not as high pitch as Maya's.

"Well, then that means BOTH of you can start over again."

"Yeah, I guess."

I followed Maya out of my hospital room and down a long corridor. Sunlight poured into the hallway and made it blindingly bright. Maya kept raving on and on about Drew and I's "future". Whatever that means.

What she didn't understand was that we still had our memories from the past. When everything was sweet and simple. She didn't understand what we went through before my operation. She didn't know what I gave up to be with him.

She would never understand. I love Andrew with all of my heart, but in a friendly way...I guess. I never really thought about my true feelings for Drew. I had always seen him as my best friend or the big brother I never had.

We got into a metallic silver elevator and shot up six floors. While we were traveling upward, I noticed that Maya was wearing a coat.

"Why are you wearing a coat?"

"This hospital is 25 degrees Celsius. Remember, you're ice. You need to be in cool temperatures.


I felt as dumb as I looked, and I knew that I was blushing. I looked at my reflection and there wasn't a trace of red on my face. The elevator doors slid open and we weaved ourselves through a maze of hallways that seemed endless.

Maya abruptly stopped in front of a white door with a golden number 5 on it; I bumped into the back of her and apologized. She softly rapped on the door and it slid into the wall on the right. We entered the room and stood before seven people sitting in round, white chairs.

In the first chair to my left, was a man who resembled the looks of Henrik Ibsen. His eyes were alive and full of sparkle, but the frown that was formed by the wrinkles on his face made him look like he hasn't fulfilled his ultimate dream yet. The man next to him could be Doc's twin, aside from the crooked pinkie that protruded that sent a chill down my spine. There were five others, two of them men, three of them women.

But there was one particular woman that stood out than everyone else. She had dark brown skin with long, black, wavy hair that came down to the floor. She had sincere, brown eyes and wrinkles in the crevices of her lips from years of smiling. She wore a strapless green dress that stopped at her ankles and she wore no shoes.

"Stand on the platform please." Said the old man.

I did as I was told. Maya silently and swiftly left the room.

"Please remove your hospital gown."

I hesitated.

"Um, you really want me to do that? I-I mean. What's gonna happen?"

The man smiled.

"Don't worry sweet, we're just judging your creator's work. Then we'll get you into some clothes."

I nodded and slipped the gown off. Before the gown even reached the floor everyone in the room oohed and aahd.

"Wow, he did an amazing job on this one. Her body is breathtaking." Said the old man.

I felt like a puny, little ant being closely examined through a magnifying glass. It made me feel uncomfortable and and I chewed the inside of my cheek. The elderly man and four other stepped onto the platform with me to get a closer look. The woman with the long hair changed her sitting position by crossing her legs.

She had a smile on her face, and wouldn't take her eyes off of me; not even when someone was talking to her. All she would was either shake or nod her head, but she kept her eyes on me. Which made me feel ten times as uncomfortable as before. When the judges finished examining me, she came forward. With a smile still on her face, she introduced herself.

"Hello Jenna, I'm Mother Nature."

It felt like my jaw had unhinged and sunk to the floor like in cartoons. My expression mad her laugh and she embraced me.

"I get that every time. Didn't expect it didn't you?"

I shook my head.

"Well, usually I'm not at these stupid "judging" things but...You're different...You're special."


"Yes, but you'll have to figure out why. I see something in you. Potential. Leadership. Charisma."

"Oh, no. You've got the wrong girl, definitely. I'm not any of that."

"You think that now, but in time you'll see."

"I'm not a leader, trust me."

She got very close to my face.

"That's because you never had the chance to be one....Now....You do."

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