Starbucks Odyssey

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Nike, muse of travelers
whose constant guidance and wisdom
protects people on such great calibers,
help me to convey this story of fright
in such a way that it brings delight.
Let me take the readers on a journey
of dreams, hopes, and worries.
Where no one knows boredom
and no one knows tears
but help me to write this epic
so that my epic becomes clear.

Born Great
Some are natural born leaders.
They can stand big or small.
But one such leader stands above them all.
She governs fairly,
she gives advice to those who ask.
But never in a million years
Would she turn away a task.

Some called her The Amazing,
Olive was her name.
No one ever wondered
how she gained her fame.
She was wise and just
and fair and smart
and to top it off,
she was super great at art.

Caffeine Deficiency
The school bell had not rung
more than ten minutes before,
when all of the sudden
a student dropped to the floor.

Olive ran over, fast like a lighting strike.

Her feet moving as swiftly as they could.
Examining the girl,
it took a moment before she understood.

Olive cried out, “It’s OK. The girl is asleep.
All she needs is some rest
and then everything will be neat.”

One girl stepped forward and replied,
“It is not okay.
Our team needs her in order to survive.
For you see, we are in the soccer finals
and she is our best forward.
Without her, we will be cornered.”

Asked for Help
Everyone sat and pondered.
The school needed this girl
and she looked so somber.
A saving voice was needed.
Suddenly everyone heeded.

Olive stepped up and asked,
“Where is the nearest caffeine vendor?
For we need to wake up this girl,
in order to be a contender.’

Just then, Olive knew what to do.
She had to act fast
Because no one else had a clue
She looked up and said,
“There is a Starbucks a few blocks away.
I will take a couple with me,
But the rest of you will have to stay.

No one questioned Olive’s plan
They knew she was right.
They knew this to be a fact
Because she was very bright.

The Journey to Starbucks
One girl announced she could drive.
She said she could only go one way
For she had homework to do,
And a tennis match to play.

She dropped them off at the door.
They walked inside to order
They didn’t know the journey ahead would be such a chore.

The Fork in the Road
They walked out the door,
Eager and bright.
They were not expecting the next event
Which would give them such a fright.

They came to a halt.
Not one moved.
Because when they were around the corner
They became very confused.

There was a fork in the road.
They didn’t know which one to take.
The group became worried
Some even began to shake.

A trusted teacher drove by just then.
A miracle from above
This road would not win.

They asked the teacher for advice
And of course he obliged
They never knew the kindness
He so generously supplied.

He said, “Stay on the sidewalk,
And take this next right.
Don’t take the left
Or you will be walking all night.”

The Street
They were just across the street from school
So close that they could hear people in the pool.

Don’t be fooled that they were close.
This may have been the most trying obstacle
It was not a piece of toast.

The street was busy
and the light was out.
They couldn’t cross on their own
Some began to shout.

A crossing guard appeared,
Right on time.
He let the group across
Without charging a fine.

Back at School
The school was a solemn place,
Filled with sorrow and fear.
No one knew if Olive would make it,
One girl even shed a tear.

They came through the door.
Olive delivered the coffee.
The school filled with cheers
And everyone was happy.

The team won the finals.
Olive was to thank.
Without her guidance,
The school could’ve tanked.

The End

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