Merlin the Magical Adventuring Fish

May 3, 2012
By Raspberryoverlord BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
Raspberryoverlord BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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Merlin was not the same as every other fish. Merlin was a small insignificant goldfish in a city of majestic, multi-colored fish. Not only was he different in that way but, he also did not have interest in the careers that most fish had. All the fish in his class wanted to build reefs or teach the new fish what to do. Deep down Merlin knew that he wanted to be an adventurer.
Merlin was at his grandfather’s house on the weekend helping with some chores. At around noon they decided to go inside and have a quick lunch. During dinner Merlin’s grandpa asked him if he had ever heard the story of the jellied jewels. Merlin, being the young adventurer that he was said no. after a long and boring story his grandfather fell asleep. The only information that Merlin remember is that the map was in the attic to the location of the treasure.
Merlin loved the attic but seldom was allowed up there. This was Merlin’s chance up there because his grandpa was asleep and would be none the wiser. Merlin pulled the cord out of the ceiling and walked up the creaky ladder. When Merlin got up there he saw a glowing book. He went over to the light and saw the map. He was overjoyed when he found the map, but the book opened up and there was weird writing on the page. He read it aloud and was encased in a magical glowing aura.
The power he felt during that moment of time was indescribable. He chanted the words on the page once more and bubble shot out like bullets from his left fin. Now that he had powers, he thought he could be a real adventurer. Out of pure excitement he swam out the door and started shooting everything in sight. The bubble made a pinging sound but caused nothing serious to break. He opened the map and studied the location of the X.
Now that he had a clear head and was able to think he realized that the X was in the backyard. He ran around the majestic tree and saw a pile of dirt. The pile of dirt had a crudely drawn X in red paint on the side. He glanced down at his feet in confusion to see a rock with a note pinned other it. The note read the following “to my dearest grandson, I hope you use your new powers responsibly and for the path of good. There is a treasure, don’t worry I wouldn’t lie. This treasure is much more important than any amount of money could buy. The robes of magic were given to me by my grandfather and I am doing so as well.”
Merlin dug through the pile of dirt and saw the robes. He put them on and felt his body tingle, he made a spark of fire when he snapped his finger. He made lightning when he pointed and summoned a sword when he said sword. This made Merlin feel powerful but heroic. The most important treasure he received that day was the love of his grandfather and an epic beard.

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