When everything went wrong

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

I went to bed excited about the morning. I wake up to a harsh voice “Get Up” I did not know who it was. Soon after I looked around and was in a cage. I did not know what happened. I was scared and did not know what to do. The last thing I remembered was being in my bed and know I can’t remember anything else since then. I walked to the door and saw a shadowy figure and I could not tell who it was and he suddenly rushed to the door. Now I was alone in this cold dark basement. I tried to open the door but it was locked. I herd a crash up stairs. Then I saw it, Keys they were on the table. It was about five feet away. I had to think fast or else he would come catch me. I looked at my surroundings and saw a hook in the corner so I used it to hook it around the table to get the keys to escape. I got the keys and let my self out. I found the nearest window and climbed out and ran. Now I know where I am. So I ran to my house and my parents did not even know who I Am. Not even my brother knew who I am. My room was not even my room it was a work out room. I had to find out what happened or else I might not get my family back. All of a sudden I saw the guy and he was after me. I did not know what to do. Then I saw a van. They said to get in but I did not know them but for one reason I knew I should get in. I got in and it was a man. I asked his name and he said Collin. I started asking all these questions but he said there is no time.

We were still riding in the van and then he told me I had to jump at the next turn. He said NOW so I just jumped. Then I weighted to see and there were cars chasing the van. I did not know what to do or where to go. I decided to make a fire because it was cold. I decided to go to sleep. I would try to find out more tomorrow. I wake up soar. My back hurt, I did not know why. I also did not know now where I was. I got to the rode and saw the old ice cream place my dad and I used to eat at. But now my dad is dead. He died when I was 5. My mom got re-mired, but I don’t like him. His name is Eddie. Now he dose not matter since he dose not even know who I am anymore. I wish I could just talk to the guy in the van. All a sudden he came out of nowhere and said now for questions. Why don’t my parents know who I am? What happened to my room? I am slowly fading away. I need to find out what happened before I disappear forever.

We got back in a car. It was different car. I asked what happened to the other one. He said it was a crash. I asked if he was all right. Then he showed me his leg. There was a towel wrapped around it. He took of the towel and it was badly injured. I told him we need to get to the hospital. He said it was too dangerous to go. I said you could bleed out. He said he will be fine the only thing that matters is you. Then we heard a helicopter and we had to run. We had to leave.

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