A Cheesy Mess

May 9, 2012
By alexleonrjs SILVER, San Jose, Other
alexleonrjs SILVER, San Jose, Other
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My lips trembled as the words tiptoed off my tongue.
“What did you say?”

His dark brown eyes stared at me as my thumbs played with the new information I had glimpsed. My eyes met his gaze. My boss has always been a great guy. I work as a freelancer; I come and go when I want to. Lately, he has changed. He is skeptical about me, I don’t appreciate that from him, but I guess that in this crisis, we need to be prepared.
“…Gisele, what do you mean by pizza, you hungry?”

His sarcasm was not very nice, given that I had discovered a key point for the investigation.
“You shouldn’t speak to me in that rude manner, I have something for you. The pizza is important…After all it is the only connection between our victims.”

I scanned his face, sensing an odd feeling. His smile curved a little and I walked out of his office.

My task was purely simple, “Just put the d*mn pieces together Gisele!” The case became part of my life, three months ago. Willies, my boss didn’t want to specifically give me this one… Was it maybe “´cause she is too darn good at digging the dirt.” I had overheard my boss say that a few times now. A distant voice called for me. I wanted to keep swimming in my thoughts. But I had swam for far too long.
“Gi? Hello? Gi? Gisele?”

I looked at my companion as he examined my awed face.
“Sorry Larry I blacked out! I think I might have another…clue.”
“Well, you sure don’t waste your time doll.”

Larry was trustworthy; I knew that for sure. His sapphire eyes kindled my feelings charming as always. He reached for me with a perky smile, as we skipped down the flat.
“My apartment this time!”

His arrogance was very aggravating; I decided to pop his little bubble.
“No way! East End!”

I giggled, knowing that my word would win against his.
“Oh darn it! YOU WANT TO GO ALL THE WAY TO THE EAST OF LONDON! What is wrong with the ladies these days! Imagine the ones from the next century!”
“Yes take me.”

I said firmly.
“Only this time! UGH you better make it worth it…”

As we got to the East End, we decided to go Glitter Lagoon. For me, it will always be the most beautiful place in London. The fog restrained us from observing the beautiful scenery from a far distance. But as we approached the lake, the ducks were slashing in the water with their brownish feathers.

We sat on the humid ground and looked at each other. I pulled out my rag bag and searched for evidence. The images were drawn by an artist with a keen eye. He displayed all the apparently insignificant but extremely important details.
“Look, Larry, in all the murders there is always a steaming hot pizza covering the part of the naked and bruised body in the area that has been stabbed various times till the victim bleeds to death. Look at the steam in the drawing. If we had been there we could have seen and felt it too!
“Yup’ we’ve got that already, what is it you say is the new evidence?”
“I… am not sure if it’s valid but our boss might be a…”

I wasn’t sure of how would he react to this. Fear flowed through my veins; he was the only one besides me who had experienced the fresh evidence.
“A suspect.”

His answer sprouted a smile on my face. Was it even possible? Why would he do such a risky thing?
“Larry what if… we are not able to solve it”?
“We just did, c’mon doll you know he loves graphic detailed written work. Doesn’t he? He is a meticulous guy. Also, who else buys that disgusting thing anyway!? The pizza restaurant would be bankrupt if it weren’t for that fat boss of ours. We just have to confront him!”
“That is not enough!”
“Well we could go back… you know and try to investigate who buys at Cheesy Mess. After all it is the only restaurant where pizza is sold.”
“Oh, well I came prepared.”
I searched again, and looked thoughtfully at the list. I had never actually paid attention to the names. Infuriated I stood up. I glared at him; he followed me back to the long road home. He had no idea what was going through my mind. I didn’t care, the case was closed. On the way back we did not speak, not even once. Once near my house, his unexpected tender kiss flushed my frustrations away.
“Tell me Gi, why do you get mad? Even mad, you are truly beautiful.”
Then, he got on one knee and held my hand delicately.
“Gisele Lucia Blair, would you please do me the greatest favor? Please be my wife. Let me be the sun in your mornings and the moon in your nights, Say I do.”
My hands trembled and my forehead was being invaded by sweat drops. I couldn’t believe my ears.
“I do! Yes, yes I do!”
He lifted me up and kissed me, placing a golden ring in my finger.
“Now go inside, Gi. I have to go shopping! Today I am cooking something special for you.” He kissed goodbye and left me alone in the cold street. I entered my house creeping inside the darkness. I lit a candle… Looking at his figure.
Face to face with the murderer.
“Someone ordered pizza.”

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