Story of Ara Gontiena

May 8, 2012
By Anthony Johnson BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
Anthony Johnson BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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On a planet that was ravaged by war, that has only one hope of survival. A mission that would bring about either peace, or destruction, upon the land. A proud warrior from the clan of Gotienia, Ara, had joined this mission in hopes that it will save his clan from the war that was settling. What he didn’t know was what was going to happen to him before he left his mission. Something, which would shake the foundation of his role in this story. The one who betrayed him, his brother Jax.

Jax had betrayed Ara for one reason and one reason only. A woman, Marcein. Marcein was the most beautiful woman in their clan name. Ara married her. They were happy. But Jax had wanted her too. Jax was in love with her. When he saw Ara and her together he hid his despise for his brother along with the love for Marcein, so he his looks and expressions didn’t give away what he was planning. The murder of Ara Gotienia.

While Ara was readying for a mission that would take him away from the village for one year, Jax had planned on striking then. Ara was packing his armor, and sharpening his blade, when Jax showed up. “Brother, here to see me off?” asked Ara.
“Nay, my brother. I’m here to make sure you pay for wronging me”
“Wronging you? In what manner do you mean?” asked the now confused Ara.
“For taking the women that I love!” roared Jax, before drawing his blade and charging at Ara. “What the-”, Ara took his blade and parried Jax’s strike. Ara tirled and swung his left ribcage, the blade connected but only against a metal plate. Jax still had armor on, while Ara was just wearing a tunic. The blade bounced of the breastplate giving Jax the opportunity to strike down on Ara’s right shoulder. Ara quickly recovered and stopped the blade with his own but the force of the connection sent Ara’s blade in his shoulder. Ara yelling out in pain, Jax took his sword and jabbed at Ara’s pancreas. Ara dodged the jab, and did a roundhouse kick to Jax’s skull. Jax got sent flying against the spear rack from the force of Ara’s kick. Ara freed the blade from his shoulder and strode over to the now lying Jax. “How dare you strike me now! You know how meaningful this mission is. It’s for the good of our people!” Jax just glared at Ara, trying to get up but Ara slammed his heel into his sternum. “You’re selfish! You only think about yourself. You always have. I’m trying to save our people and here you are trying to kill me because of some woman?!” yelled Ara. “She’s not just some woman! She’s-”
“She’s MY wife!” the look in Ara’s eyes sent shivers down Jax’s spine. Jax has never seen Ara so angry, but he didn’t care. Jax loved Marcein. More than anyone knows. “I should kill you for striking another member of our clan. You know the laws.”
“Yes I know the laws. Strike me down now if you so wish!” screamed Jax, almost in tears. “I will not murder my own kin. It’s against my virtue. But I will not stand for this at all! You will probably get banished for this treachery”, said Ara. “No please, don’t banish me!” Ara shakes his head in disapproval. He looked at his brother’s face. He saw their heritage in his eyes, it brought back memories of them as children, it was close to bringing tears to his eyes, but Ara had to stay strong. For as much as it hurt him to do this to his own brother, they have laws. These laws are always non-negotiable. “You shouldn’t have done this Jax. This is a horrible thing you did.” Kicking the weapon out of Jax hands, Ara let up his heel. Jax coughed at first, relieved to feel the pressure of Ara’s heel off his chest.
“Go Jax. Get out of here”, sighed Ara as he turned away from his brother. “I’ll talk to the counsel after I return from my mission. Perhaps by then, you will feel sorry for what you have done.” Ara walked out the room, leaving Jax there. “What have I done…?”
As Ara left the building, he couldn’t help but wonder if he made a mistake for banishing his own kin. “The law is the law. It’s meant to be there, to protect our people of violence in the clan”,Ara said to himself. He walked up to one of the council members he saw in the bazaar. Explaining the situation, the council member looked shocked to hear what Jax did. “I understand. We will banish Jax into the hut a few clicks from here, we’ll also keep an eye on him. When you come back we’ll have a meeting about his banishment and discuss about bring him back in. We’ll also set protection up for Macein.” said the member.
“Thank you, sir”, replied Ara.
They embraced and then took their separate ways. Ara had to go to his home and tell Marcein what happened and finish packing for his mission.
When Ara told Marcein what happened, she cried. She had considered Jax as a brother, but to hear that what he did to Ara was too much for her. “What’sgoing to happen to him, Ara?” sobbed Marcein.
“Banishment” That’s all Ara said. “When I return from the mission, the counsel and I will rethink the decision of his leaving. Allowing him back into the clan will depend on what actions he makes from now 'til I return.”
“It’s for the best, I suppose”, whispered Marcien.
“Yea…” With that said, Ara had finished packing. He embraced Marcien and left. It was time for him to leave the village. He got onto the loaded boat, and sailed out. As Ara sailed out into the sea, he wondered:
Will this journey be worth it?
Will I come back from this?
Will I ever see Marcien again?
Will Jax realize what he’s done, and be able to be forgiven?
All of these questions ran through his mind as he traveled away from the village. Away from his clan, his kin, into uncharted waters told that they would help save his village from war. As he traveled on the sea he was mesmerized by the sound of the waves. The sound giving him a sense of pleasure and happiness, calming him from what all happened. He felt a sense of wonder of what lies in store for him on this sea of wonder…

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