The bike Theif

May 4, 2012
By Anonymous

One day there was a young lad named Tommy, about 12 years old.. Every Saturday morning when he woke up, he would ride his bike down to the beach to check the waves, because he loved shredding the gnar with his friends on the weekend. He grabbed his pop-tart and his bike and started riding. Since the beach was only about a street from his house it didnt take him long to get there. He eventually got to the beach access and hopped off his bike. He threw his pop-tart wrapper in the trash, because littering is bad, very bad. Then, he put down his kickstand and put his bike in the very corner of the parking area, away from all the cars and enough room to back out. So Tommy walked up the boardwalk and sat there examining the surf, completely mesmerized. He got lost in the beauty of the scenery, the seagulls chirps, and the sound of the crashing waves. It was a really good surf day, and was gonna go out with his friends. Then , as he was leaving, he accidentally turned around and walked into someone. “Opps!” he yelled, and backed up to servey the situation. He looked up to see the mans face, but the more he looked up the more scared he got. The man he walked into was a 6'9 trucker who was ripped. Tommy was soo scared that he didnt know what to say, so he sat there and stared at the guy, who just stared at him back. Then the guy turned around without a word, and got back into his huge, black pickup truck. Tommy was relieved, he thought that he was about to get used as a human boomerang. But what happened next was shocking. The guy backed out of his spot and continued to race backward, towards the stairs. Tommy backed up, scared that he was about to get hit, but instead the guy ran his bike over, looked at Tommy, ran it back over, and got out of his car. Tommy ran down onto the beach to get away, but was surprised when he was not followed. After a few minutes Tommy walked back onto the boardwalk to go home and fix his broken bike, but it was gone. The guy didnt get out of his car to hit Tommy, he got out of his car to take the bike! Tommy was angry, and determined to bring a big, steamy bowl of justice to this man. So he swore that his summer would be dedicated to find this man, and get his bike back. Tommy didnt alert the police because he knew that it would do no good, the police never help. So Tommy spent the next few days with his friends, trying to find the perpetrator. He staked out the market, gas station, and auto repair store, waiting for a clue. Then, he saw the truck pull into the pizza place, a couple stores down. Tommy took cover behind a tree and waited for him to walk inside, but he wasnt alone. The guy had 4 other friends, exactly built like him, huge and scary. Tommy had a plan, but had to be very sneaky. He sneaked around to the back of the car, hopefully without being noticed, and peered inside. He saw his bike, but it was farther towards the front, out of reach. He did notice though, that it was fixed, and slightly painted, but he could still recognize it. He then jumped in the back, and it made a huge bang, he knew he had been spotted, but had to get away with his bike. He threw it out of the back, and it landed with a thud, although it was not damaged. Just then he heard the man run out of the restaurant and head towards him. Tommy hopped on the bike and started riding, the man chased him, and closed in but was not able to catch him, Tommy got away, he thought. He furiously rode home, but noticed somebody behind him, it was the man! He raced home, weaving in and out of streets, and took a shortcut through the park, where he lost him, flew into his garage and shut the door. He had done it, he had got his bike back!

The author's comments:
This is based loosely on real events, although i never ended up getting my bike back, although i did confront the guy. oh well.

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