Ice cream adventure

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Ice Cream Adventure Part 1.0

On a warm summer day five kids named Gerrit, Kyle, Matt, Nulfo, and I decided to go get some ice cream. On the way there Kyle fell and got a boo-boo so we had to get him a band-aid. After that intense moment was over we continued our journey. After a few more minutes we were already tired of walking, so we took a brake. Exactly six minutes later we set off again. Nulfo was walking and all of a sudden a magic piece of pizza hit Nulfo right in the face knocking him out cold. The rest of us didn’t want to wait for him to get up so we left him on the ground and set off. Once we arrived to the ice cream shop, we ran into Jerod. Then we all got our ice cream and ate it while we played some mini golf. On the first hole Gerrit hit it to hard and the ball nailed a little kid in the head. So we all ran.

We stopped running a couple of blocks away. We kept walking and then went into a Burger King. Once we got into the front of the line Kyle ordered 80 Whoppers. Jerod ordered eight large fries and six cokes. When they were ordering, I looked in the back and guess who I saw... Nulfo. He was working the drive thru. I went back there and asked him what he was doing working at Burger King. He said, when he was knocked out God came to him in his dream and told him to work at Burger King so he did. We told him to forget that and lets go. So we left. On the way back Kyle got really fat from eating all the Whoppers so we had to get a wheel barrel and put him in it. So we were half way back and Matt got tired of pushing Kyle and he said someone else has to push him. But no one wanted to push him so we all left Kyle in the wheel barrel and kept going. We made it back, but I still wonder what happened to Kyle.

Epilogue: We found out what happened to Kyle. Someone put him in their truck and drove up a hill and rolled him down it. Know one knows where he is or has seen him since. Nulfo actually went back to Burger King and worked the drive thru. He did so well that he owns a Burger King now. Gerrit got arrested later for hitting that kid and now the kid is terrified of mini-golf. Jerod, Matt, and I are all rich and famous for finding a lost dog named Bubbles.

The author's comments:
This is about me and my friends and this is what would happen if we went and got some ice cream.

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