Shawna's story

April 23, 2012
By lashie BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
lashie BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Once upon a time, there was this girl named Shawna. She was one quiet girl, the one who sat in the back of the room in the corner. She was a tan pretty, girl who always wore name brand clothes, she smelled like a cotton candy shop, and you could taste it. No one really talked to her. If she just disappeared, no one would notice or even care. Therefore, one day she was in class, and she raised her hand for a question. The teacher did not even notice that she was there. She just put down her hand, sat there doodling in her notebook, and wrote her feelings down until school was over. Then she went home and started throwing objects around in her fresh-scented room. After she was out of energy, she just went to sleep until the next day.
When the next day came, and it was time for school, she got up and took a hot shower. She got ready and left. While she was walking to school, two large white men in a blue car grabbed her while the man put his hand over my mouth and kidnapped her. The two large people who were wearing masks told her not scream or she would be killed, and so she didn’t say a word because she didn’t want to die. Then they put a bag over her head so that coulddn’t see and laid her down on the floor, that way they wouldn’t get caught while going to their hide-out. She was silent the whole way there. When she finally got to the hideout, she was forced onto a couch, and she had to sit there, what it seemed like for hours. After they come back from being gone for hours, they went and asked her some questions like: “Did you see our faces through the masks;” Did you see what color car we were driving?” etc... After they were done asking her the questions, it was her turn to talk, but she did not answer. (You have to remember she does not talk very often.) Even though she is not talking, they are threatening her saying if she does not talk; they’re going to do awful stuff to her. She continues not to talk. The next thing she knows she’s being put on something soft like a bed (Remember she‘s still masked). There whispering, and she can’t hear them, but she can still tell they’re there. Next thing you know she is being whipped by something hard and metal. She did not know what it was, but all couldd do is cry. When the whipping was over, they hollered at her, “Are you going to talk now? “
She answered and uttered “Yes,” then she denied all of their questions. She was smart enough to listen to both of them. They announced that she was staying with them until they were done having their fun with her. (She starts to cry.) Even though they were laughing at her for sobbing, she had a smirk on her face and they noticed. The two of them asked her what the smirk for, then she told them “This is all fun and games boys- fun and games.”
She was planning something. They didn’t know what, but they knew something was going on. She expressed to them that she was just having her fun with them. Then she decided that she was going to play a little game with them. The next day came and she wasn’t on the bed anymore. She got out somehow, and then they exclaimed, “What are we going to do now?” “We have to find her.” The other man announced then they went off to go look for her. The girl was outside because the door was open. Then they went out to go find her. While the two men were outside they heard laughter, it sounded like it was coming from the north. They started following the laughter. She was in the woods, they knew she was planning something and now they have to go look for her.
(From her point of view.) “I’m out in the woods skipping and laughing along while the two men are trying to look for me. They are having a hard time finding me, because she’s hiding really well. I’m thinking to myself about finding a way to get them put into jail, and then it hit me like a rock. I had an idea to get them into town. Their big feet that stomp through the green, bright woods while they were trying to find me.” “They haven’t found me yet she thinks. “With my light giggle “they’ll never be able to find me we’ve been out here for hours and they still don’t know where to find me.” The sound of their moaning and whimpering makes me giggle, because they’re having such a hard time and they’re getting so frustrated. They’re afraid that they’re going to get caught. I can smell their fear and it smells so sweet that I just can’t bear it.
They finally went into town and asked people if they saw their “sister” because she’s very ill and running around town. She’s average size, she has brown hair and she’s wearing dark blue jeans with a Hollywood undead shirt. The people said “she went north towards the lake.” It started to rain heavily and they started to get all wet. It was about four in the evening and they were still out looking for her. Then they started going back into town to go ask more questions, because they didn’t find her by the lake and they looked everywhere. While they were in town the people that they asked said they saw her go south, that’s where the police station is, they thought, and that’s when they heard a big roaring sound and sirens and figured out the cops were are after them. The next thing you know they’re running away from the cops and they go towards the green dark woods.
Then the police call for back up and the search dogs. “They’re off to their hideout” Shawna said, “I can take you to their hideout follow me.” (A couple minutes later) They’re there at the hide-out they’re in, the next thing the police do is say “stay in the car” to me. They do what they’re supposed to do and they say to the two large men ”we know you’re in there now come out with your hands up or we’ll come in.” The two large men come out and surrender and they cops say to me “thank you we’ve been looking for them for a while, they put another girl in the hospital about four days ago, you’re pretty lucky you could of ended up dead.”
The sun is coming up and it’s a golden color, it’s beautiful. I just sat there and watch the sun rise. Then I walk home. My parents are waiting for me, then they hug me and say” I’m glad you’re safe now” Then I go off to school, everyone notices me and says congratulations. I’m a hero, I saved my life and every other girls life that was next. The girls and boys at school look at me differently now and the teachers’ pay attention to me now more now that I‘m back. There was a meeting in the gym for all the students and teachers and it’s for me so I can tell my story to everyone, and talk about how much courage I had. I talked about how the kidnapping was so extreme, how she got through it and how it felt to be in that situation. The kids sat there and listen to the whole thing without complaints and whining.

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