A trip to china

April 19, 2012
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As we got off the plane Payton quickly runs to a trash can sick from the flight. I go to look for the hotel while in the noisy city of Hong Kong. It was foggy and humid for March 4, 2014. People were riding bikes and mopeds while others walked to work. I find Payton and the hotel only a few minutes later in a beat up side of the city.

We had a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. Then we went exploring around the city. We went into a shop and Payton bought a lamp. I took it back to the hotel to see if it worked. Payton rubbed it to see if it was like the Disney cartoon. All of a sudden a loud voice said “you have three wishes use them wisely.”

We took this lamp to a fortune teller the next day. He told us that it wasn’t the only item that had wishes. As we left the fortune teller we took a wrong turn and went in a back alley. We both got very nervous in the cold, dark backstreet. Then these massive street thugs grabbed Payton and the lamp. I told Payton not to tell them anything about the lamp or make any wishes. I hurried back to the hotel to get some stuff to help me get Payton and the lamp back. I remembered later on about the wishes and I wished for Payton and the lamp back. The wish went horribly wrong because a zombie of Payton was at the window. I hurried to wish that the zombie was gone and soon it was. I slowly got in bed and went to sleep.

The next foggy morning I ate then packed my stuff to try to find the street thugs and Payton with the lamp. I walked slowly down the same alley with a flare gun. The thugs came out and during this I fired a shot. The bang scared the thugs so bad that the hurried and got in their car a drove off. I walked into the building and looked around to realize it was just an ordinary room. Then I kicked the floor mat to reveal a trap door. I slowly opened it and climbed down. I found a light switch a turned it on to find Payton and the lamp tied to a chair. He was asleep so I woke him up. I got the lamp then untied Payton. We walked back to the hotel to get some rest.

We packed our bags to get back to the airport since it was our last day. We walked by the swift river we explored yesterday. The street thugs came out and stole the lamp with the last wish. They threw it into the water as I suspected. I hurried and jumped into the water to get it. I was slowly getting worried as I got closer to the waterfall. I fall off the waterfall but while I’m in the air I find the lamp and made the wish to be back home. As soon as I’m about to hit the rocks I close my eyes then open then and I’m in my bed. I got a call from a foreign number. I answered it to find out that that it is Payton. I told him I made the wish to come home but I wasn’t clear on what I wished for. He told me the street thugs beat him up but the police broke it up before they could do much damage. I told him to get on the plane and I would go get him at the airport when he came. I don’t think I will ever go to China ever again.

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