Down Down Down

April 19, 2012
By StelaDalca GOLD, Allen, Texas
StelaDalca GOLD, Allen, Texas
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I stared over the railing, the pathway that I followed stretched on for what looked like miles. My progress seemed like a small feat compared to the looming difficulties I was about to face. You know that saying that mysteries lay around every corner? Well here they were around every bend. Sweat poured down my face yet the stairs stretched on. Down down down I went, all the while wishing I had listened to my friends and brought some water with me. How was I supposed to know that these stairs stretched from the top of the tower all the way to the basement who know how many feet down? Suddenly there was a picture on the wall, I blinked, it blinked, I waved, it waved I was starting to think that it was just a mirror until I looked down at her clothes. They were stunning, a dark blue dress whose presence just seemed to scream for attention but in a good way. It fell to maybe mid shin but it flowed down like a water fall from the low (but not too low) neckline. I felt a searing pain inside my mind and nearly dropped to my knees, I would have if the stairs didn't have a railing. "If you join me I will give you anything you want" Her voice seemed so sing-song like it was beautiful, what was I thinking? I hated stuck up snotty girls, they bugged me with all of their I’m better than you stuff, "oh yeah? how about we start now, I want people to tell me the truth" the girl's smile slowly faded from her lips, her next few word merely a whisper but they still seared my brain and I had to struggle to hear them "if you touch this glass you will die, but you must anyway, for if you don't I will never be free" I never thought of the possibility of why she might be doing this, but I was on a mission I had to leave, "I’m sorry but I have many other lives to think about" and I ran off, sprinting in the same direction as before. I wished more than anything right now that I could see the bottom of the stairs, and just like that I tripped over my own foot and went tumbling down the stairs and out a door I hadn't seen before. I looked around just to notice that I was still at the top of the stairs, so I headed back in and started on my journey down, down, down into the darkness.

The author's comments:
Recently I feel like my life is going in circles, so I wrote about someone who will never reach their destination, though I know this isn't true everyone reaches their destination at one point or another whether or not is the one you originally planned on depends on the decisions you make. ;)

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